12 Things People Say That Prove They’re Out of Touch With the Male Experience

What was the most recent thing someone said to you that surprised you with how out of touch people are with the male experience? After someone polled an online men’s forum, here are their honest confessions.

1. Adult Relations Always on Their Mind

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We have all heard the generalization that all men think and talk about is sex, but it isn’t true. Nonetheless, many men in the forum admit they know women who genuinely believe it. One suggests that women talk about it so much that they project it onto men.

2. Playing Hard to Get

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Some women still believe most men love it when they play hard to get. Several men confess to not liking the head games. “‘No means No.’ And then — ‘Why didn’t he try harder? I really liked him!’ It’s the dumbest game to play.” Many men admit they are afraid to pursue women in today’s culture.

3. Handling Rejection

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Another forum member states that believing “Men need to learn to handle rejection better like women” indicates you are out of touch with the male experience. They continue to explain that despite it not being discussed, many women do not handle rejection well.

Some women are shocked when their advances are rejected. “In my experience, they’ll either get furious and aggressive or uncontrollably sad, like their whole family just died in a tragic accident.”

4. Dads Fighting the System

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“A lot of people seem to be under the impression that I can just hop down to the courthouse and get full custody of my daughter because her mom is a garbage human,” a man writes. “Anyone who’s been through the system knows that’s not how it works.”

5. Men With Trucks Means You Help People Move

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One man volunteers: “I have a truck, and I’m a guy; therefore, my truck and I are there for the world to use to help people they know move. Come on. I’ll buy you a case of cheap beer if you throw your back out, moving all my stuff down three flights of stairs.”

A second user comments that he worked for a moving company, and acquaintances automatically expected him to help them move — free of charge.

6. But — You’re a Guy

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Do you realize that most women automatically expect a man to step up in dangerous situations? “‘Yeah, but you’re a guy.’ Like, I can’t get shot or robbed because I am a man. Women seem to think men are fearless and worry-free walking the streets at night. I wish,” a man confesses.

7. They All Sleep Around

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Revisiting the earlier point of always thinking about adult relations, one guy admits he is flattered by the number of women who believe he is out there sleeping around. He notes, “I’ve never had the looks or personality for that.”

8. Life Is Better as a Man

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Another brings awareness to a misconception, “‘That life is better’ as a man. No, it’s not better, just different. We have some things we don’t put up with, some things we’re better at, and our own problems which we typically don’t make another person’s problem.”

9. Real Men Don’t Cry

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“That real men don’t cry,” one writes. “In fact, the comment of ‘real men’ is becoming tiresome. Ex-military — I have seen lots of guys tear up over what they went through and the friends they lost. I guess those soldiers aren’t real men. Anyone who uses some version of the phrase ‘A real man’ is just attempting to manipulate you—hard stop.”

10. Men and Safe Spaces

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Have you ever heard someone say, “Men don’t need safe spaces?” One man shares, “I like dating liberal women. But so far, most of them have not yet considered extending their empathy and care for women’s issues into men’s issues and are often defensive about the topic.

Some have been great to talk to about it and come around eventually. It seems like nothing has caused them to consider that we can help men in similar ways that feminism has helped women. And they don’t seem to understand (at first) that denying men similar help is bad.”

11. Paternity Tests

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Do you think it is wrong for a man to ask for a paternity test? I’ve heard this framed before as a sign of mistrust. Someone suggests, “Men often struggle with doubts and concerns about parenthood, which can affect how close they get to their children, so if a guy has doubts and asks for a simple test, it could remedy that.

But no, if a guy asks, it’s the end of a relationship, and he has zero trust. It’s like mental health for men goes out the window in this event.”

12. Men Have It Easy

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