15 Things People Say They Have a Hard Time Not Judging You About

What is something you have a hard time not judging people about? A recent online discussion explored this topic. Here are THEIR honest confessions. Can you relate?

1. Being Extremely Loud in Public

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Have you been around an obnoxious loudmouth in public before? As a former server, I can attest that I repeatedly had to ask patrons to get off their cell phones, especially the old Nextels. That annoying chirp and speaker for everyone to hear.

2. Not Using Headphones

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Speaking of being loud in public, people are absolutely judging you for not wearing headphones in public spaces. Nobody enjoys listening to your media, from music to TikToks to YouTube Shorts. So please, for the courtesy of others, wear headphones!

3. Littering

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Littering isn’t something several people confess that they will never understand, especially in nature. It indicates a “not my problem” mentality, which is selfish and disgusting.

4. Pressuring People

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Another thing that people are judging you for is pressuring others to do something after they’ve already told you no. For example, forcing someone to dance that doesn’t want to. Or insisting they sing karaoke when they voice not wanting to do it, despite being there to support and have a good time.

5. Parents Who Abandon Children

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Moreover, parents who abandon their children to either take care of their new partner’s kids or start an entirely new family without caring for their firstborns. Parents who have the audacity to say things like: “I have a new family now” to justify not being there.

6. What You Name Your Kids

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Numerous individuals admit to judging people for what they name their children. Others note their biggest pet peeve is when parents go out of their way to not spell the name traditionally.

7. Parents Who Spank Their Children

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Did you grow up being spanked as a child? Thousands of parents repeat the cycle and spank their children today despite psychologists linking it to mental health issues later in life.

Harvard explains that it has effects on the brain. They write: “Research has long underscored the negative effects of spanking on children’s social-emotional development, self-regulation, and cognitive development, but new research, published this month, shows that spanking alters children’s brain response in ways similar to severe maltreatment and increases the perception of threats.”

8. People Who Make Others Feel Bad About Hobbies

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Bringing other people down and even making them feel bad about the hobbies and things they enjoy in life is something people judge others about. A user elaborates it is difficult watching someone’s enthusiasm deflate because someone is rude about it.

9. Mistreating Service Industry Workers

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How you treat service industry workers says a lot about you as a person, and people judge you when it’s poorly. Many users elaborate that ranges from customers to the management of an establishment. Nothing is worse than being mistreated by the public and then not having management back you up to appease the unruly customer.

10. Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog

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Do you walk behind your pooch and pick up their business, or do you leave it for unsuspecting folks to step in? If it’s the latter, people are judging you. Someone takes it a step further by expressing it’s even worse when they bag it up and then toss the bag in the bushes rather than properly disposing of it.

11. Lashing Out Aggressively

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While forum members acknowledge that it may be a mental health issue, they judge those who repeatedly lash out. Those who are constantly aggressive at home or in public spaces are mentioned by many as problematic.

12. Mistreatment of Animals

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People who adopt pets only to mistreat or neglect them is a despicable act you are being judged about. For example, buying an expensive dog at Christmas time and learning it is a lot more work than you realized, so you dump them at the pound.

13. Not Using Turn Signals

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One of the most obnoxious driving habits of others is not using their turn signals. It’s infuriating how people weave in and out of traffic like they own the entire road. If not using turn signals is your thing, you’ll fit right into Washington state traffic. It’s maddening.

14. Acting Tough

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People who act tough is something one states they “Can’t take seriously” before several others concur. A forum member adds when guys say they are alpha males and then proceed to act tough.

15. Declawing Cats

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People who declaw cats are called out multiple times as a breed of folks being judged. It’s painful, removes their natural defense, and can cause nerve damage and bone spurs if improperly removed. Declawing cats is the equivalent of cutting off your fingers at the first knuckle.

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