15 Serious Things People Start Disliking as They Grow Older

As we grow older, it’s only natural for there to be things in life we start disliking or even despising. For example, I used to prefer driving a standard transmission over an automatic. However, after years in Seattle traffic jams, the feeling has lost its luster. After someone asked a popular online community what older people begin to dislike as they grow old, here are their top responses.

1. Video Gaming

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Video games, or gaming, is something many people in the forum express starting to dislike or be less interested in as they grow older. Some note their lack of enthusiasm as game graphics and storylines are more complex and challenging to get into.

Others explain the content is less Super Mario Bros. and more unnecessarily violent. Finally, some believe all-day video game play negatively influences our children today.

2. Black-and-White Thinking

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Do you know someone who only views the world with black-and-white thinking? I think we all do. Numerous individuals in the thread despise that way of thinking. One notes, “The older you get, the more you become aware of the ‘greyscale”‘ of life.

The more you mature and travel around the world, you realize there are so many alternative ways to live life. I just can’t stomach any more idealistic immature people (from any side of the political map) who talk about absolute rights and absolute wrongs.”

3. The Lyrics To Music

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Here is one I most definitely agree on. Music lyrics have evolved into absolute filth, negativity, and toxicity. It’s poisoning the minds of our youth and glorifying a sinful lifestyle that leads to prison or death. I realize it is not “all music,” but the days of doo-wop and Motown are long gone.

4. Your Parents Getting Older

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Awe. Someone confesses they dislike that their parents are also getting older, and the fear of losing them soon terrifies them. I lost both my parents in back-to-back years recently, and this one hits home. It’s a life-changing experience and foreign grief until you’re experiencing it. So love them while you can and see them as often as possible.

5. Aging Body, Young Mind

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A common theme in the thread is how much it stinks to have your brain fully functioning and believe you’re still in your twenties when your body reminds you that you’re not.

6. Realizing You’re the Oldest in the Group

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When did you begin to notice that you were the oldest one in the group? Surprisingly, it was when I went to college. I was 30 and made some friends, but I was typically the oldest in the group, and it’s continued that way moving forward.

7. People

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The older people get they confess, the more they start disliking other people. Numerous commenters explain that if you work in public such as in retail or food service, you will hate people before growing very old at all.

8. Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture can become toxic quickly. Multiple people share how badly they want out of it, while others rejoice in moving on. One user explains anytime human resources (HR) reference the business as “family,” they “cringe.” They elaborate, “We are not family. I provide a service, and you pay me. The second I stop being valuable, you’d fire me.”

9. Subscription Service Evolution

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Everything from entertainment to heated seats in a vehicle is slowly evolving into a subscription service, and people do not like it. Several older commenters admit they have extensive Blu-ray DVD collections. The idea of paying forever to watch things, and worse, with advertisements every thirty seconds, is something many people aren’t willing to do.

10. Ads and Commercials

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Speaking of advertisements and commercials, numerous men and women agree that as they’ve grown older, their patience for these things has decreased. Furthermore, the frequency and length of them continue to multiply.

11. Negativity and Drama

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You reach a certain point in your life where you are done with drama and negativity. One explains, “Life is too short to waste time on those things.” As you grow older, cutting that out of your life is easier. But, unfortunately, it’s inescapable in so many workplaces and spaces.

12. Concerts

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Concerts are something many have lost interest in with age. One explains their feet hurt, the music is too loud, they’ve become susceptible to the strobe light effects most of them use, the fees for buying tickets are outrageous, plus parking, and they get bored. “It could be the most fantastic show on earth, and I still get bored after an hour or so.”

13. Alcohol and Partying

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Alcohol is a poison numerous older people confessed is something they grew to dislike seriously, with many noting that their bodies can’t handle it anymore. Hangovers are no fun, and some express them taking several days to recover from only a few drinks now, so “it’s not worth it.” Additionally, partying is much less appealing.

14. Social Media

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Finally, many users admit that social media is mostly just noise meant to distract us and generally causes more harm than good. “Social media is 90% just stupid bickering, people showing off, and just mindless drivel.”

15. Stuff

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Stuff. One clarifies, “All the stuff cluttering up my house and closets. All those things are not worth enough to sell and potentially too useful to throw away.” Clutter is the worst.

Source: Reddit.

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