12 Things People Swear Will Have a Positive Impact on Your Mental Health

Are you searching for ways to boost your mental health? Then, we got you covered. An online forum recently discussed things they swear have had massive positive impacts on their mental health. They highly encourage you to check them out. Have you?

1. Exercise Regularly

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No surprise exercise would be at the top of the list. Exercise protects against many chronic illnesses, helps with weight management, improves sleep, and has many more benefits.

One user advises, “Try to set a routine and start slow. I started with 10 minutes a day. I added walking around the block and then worked my way up to going to the gym a few times a week. Sure, it was hard at first to motivate myself, but once I found my routine, I miss it when I don’t go.”

2. Lose the Debt

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No one wants to stress over how to pay your bills or that unexpected expense. Digging yourself out of debt to save instead of struggling takes time and perseverance. Being debt free allows you to save up for those rainy days or improve your overall credit to get a much-needed loan when needed.

One user elaborates, “I was in a lot of credit card debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Paying a minimum on my credit cards, only to turn around and use the card again. I had to put myself on a strict budget to get caught up. Now I am, and all that extra money goes into my savings account.”

3. Disconnecting From Social Media

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We’ve all done it. Scroll through Facebook, see a post, and comment on it, and then along comes an internet “troll” to disagree or criticize your comment. You have the choice to let it be or respond, and you choose to respond. Now you’re stuck in a cycle of anger words going back and forth.

“Many times when this happens, you don’t even know the person at the end of the argument. Yet you spend so much energy arguing and getting angry at them. It’s pointless; disconnect and walk away,” advises one user.

4. Creating a Routine by Making Lists

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Routines help keep us focused. “It started with making lists. List for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. And as I would complete one, I would cross it off,” advises one user. “Now I have these tasks embedded as part of my routine.”

Some find writing a list helpful because crossing off tasks makes you feel more accomplished. “Seeing a line through it just makes my mind see it differently than if I just completed it.” Advises one user.

5. Hiking

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Hiking is beneficial to your health. It reduces heart risk, helps build muscles, and can improve your sense of balance. Hiking can also be very relaxing. You choose the setting, in the woods, at the beach, or through a field. You can be at peace within the scenery of your choosing.

“I find hiking relaxing. Sure, it’s work, and I enjoy a more difficult setting in the woods. But I go slow and soak up the scene. The beauty of nature, the sounds of the wildlife. It’s just very relaxing to me,” states one user.

6. Listen to Music

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Music can have a significant impact on our moods. Happy music can make us happy, while sad music may make us sad. One user warns, “I would find if I played sad, depressing music, I was sad and depressed. I had no reason to be other than projecting my thoughts of my surroundings.”

7. Rid Yourself of Toxic People

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It may be hard to let go at first, but releasing toxic people from your life can also benefit you. Friends should not make you feel bad about your decisions and your life. One user explains, “There’s a big difference then disagreeing or telling your friend something is a bad idea and just criticizing everything they say and do.”

Another user adds, “The faster I get rid of them, the more at peace I am. Back in the day, I argued for hours over nothing with these people, which had the worst impact on my mental health. Don’t underrate the effect of what you lay focus on. Be selective with your time.

8. Avoid Things That Bring You Down

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We often read or watch content that only makes us angry. We feel the need to react to it, usually in a negative way that only infuriates us further. Cut these things out. One user says, “I started avoiding things that depress or weigh down on me. I used to seek out triggering content so that I might numb myself to it. It worked sometimes, but it wasn’t good. I’m done with the drama.”

9. Meditation

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Meditation gives you a sense of calm, peace, and balance. This can benefit your emotional well-being and your overall health. Meditation has been used for centuries to relax and cope with stress by refocusing on something calm.

One user suggests, “If you have ever felt like your body had become stiff, go to the nearest park with lots of water and trees and flowers. My entire body immediately relaxed while I gazed at the water.”

10. Find a Support System

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Strong and healthy relationships already boost your mental health. But having a support system when you need to vent can sometimes be misconstrued as toxic. Finding a sound support system that works for everyone helps reduce the stresses we sometimes hold onto for fear of bothering others with our problems.

One user clarifies, “I have a lot of friends, but there is my small group for support. We can vent our frustrations on family, work, etc., and not feel guilty about it. We let it out, so we can let it go.”

11. Stepping Down From Your Position

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Leadership roles can be stressful. You lead a team, but you are to blame if your team doesn’t succeed. That may be true sometimes, but some things are out of your control, affecting your mental health.

One user confesses, “You are expected to figure it out’ even when many issues are out of your control. That was madness to me and the most stress-inducing.”

12. Find a Hobby

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Find a hobby you genuinely enjoy, whether learning an instrument, playing video games, reading a book, or putting together puzzles. One user writes, “I’ve been playing guitar at open jams in my area, and it’s been a treat to look forward to.”

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