12 Things People Swear Up and Down You Are Only Pretending to Like

Is there anything out there that you believe people are only pretending to like? I’ll go first and say liver and onions. Have you smelled that cooking in someone’s house before? My stepmom did not trick me when she swore it was “steak.” After numerous people answered this question in an online forum, here are the things they swear up and down you are only pretending to enjoy.

1. People

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We all need some socializing. Whether you’re with friends or have a job focused around people, sometimes you need to take a break from it all and spend some quality alone time. “As a person that sometimes doesn’t like people, it’s exhausting to pretend to like someone.” comments one person.

Being stuck around people when you want to be alone can take so much effort. Some prefer solitude over the company and can become quite depressed having to act “fake” around people not to seem rude.

2. Some People’s Children

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Society tells us we should adore them. They are cute, innocent, and little sponges for learning. But some people lack that maternal/paternal instinct. One person wrote, “I explicitly tell people I don’t like their children, no matter how much I might like the people that had those children.”

You’re not a bad person just because you don’t find every behavior cute, and ignoring children unless directly approached by one is not rude. But it could be more the parent’s parenting that causes the behavior others are turned away from.

Another user mentions, “Last night, a friend’s 4-year-old intentionally kicked me in the shin because she decided it would be fun to see if she could hurt me. It still hurts today quite a bit. I was told it was cute. I don’t see it this way.”

3. Meat Alternatives

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Meat alternatives are great for vegetarians or people who need to change their diet for health reasons. Having tried a few alternatives, this user says their dislike for it is more of a texture thing and less of a flavor problem. They state, “Texture is exactly why many people don’t like them. It feels like I’m eating meat-flavored Play-Doh.”

But for some, it is about the flavor. Trying to taste like something else makes the product taste worse than if you embrace the flavor it should have. Another user says, “I don’t get the beyond meat, and I’m vegetarian. It just doesn’t taste good. Veggie burgers that don’t try and taste like beef can be delicious, though.”

4. Being an Influencer

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Influencing seems like an easy job, and maybe for some, it is. But not all of us have the energy to be “on” all the time. Some may also find it hard to turn it off around family and friends. One member says, “I know I would burn out after two months of doing that.”

Another member writes, “Tried streaming once, figured it’d be easy money. But it’s exhausting. Trying to play anything while keeping a running commentary and being entertaining is not easy, especially when you’re just starting and have no viewers to interact with. Yet, you still have to be entertaining in case someone tunes in. It’s work, and I’ll never again judge someone for getting paid to play video games.”

5. You’re Job

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Would you still go to work if your job still paid you not to show up and actually work? A lot of us don’t necessarily hate our jobs, but with every job, there are good things and bad. Sometimes the bad can outweigh the good.

One user answers, “There is something very satisfying after a good day at work — you feel accomplished. My work is like putting together puzzles; the rush you get when you finally crack the code is great! Like all things in life, there are good and bad things.”

6. Exercise

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Exercise is supposed to release endorphins that make us happy. And for some, the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout is what they need. But others argue that they find no enjoyment in exercising and do not understand people who say they do like it.

One user confesses, “I will never understand these people who say working out makes them feel good. I worked with a couple of trainers, tried classes and outdoor stuff, and exercised regularly for years, hoping I would eventually enjoy it like all these people swear they do. But no, I felt miserable, sore, and sweaty the whole time.”

7. Social Media

delete social media
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We all have that one friend who quit Facebook and feels much better. While we sit and waste time scrolling through funny memes, seeing what our friends are up to, or getting lost in a video reel we clicked on. But we seem happy as we scroll and laugh for hours, so why do some feel the need to quit?

One person theorizes, “I think it’s less the content that bothers most. It’s the hours wasted and feeling like you have accomplished nothing because you just watched three hours of cute cat videos instead of doing something productive. This can leave you feeling depressed and anxious that you didn’t complete the needed tasks.”

8. Going to Clubs

Club Bouncer
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With music, dancing, and hanging out with friends, going to a club would be fun. But this user summarizes, “When I was younger, I thought going to a club would be so cool.

Once I got to the age where I could go, I saw that it was just a stuffed room where people were spending money they shouldn’t, listening to music they may not even like, and surrounded by strangers you don’t want to talk to. You’re basically paying a $30-50 cover charge to relive your high school prom.”

Another user agrees, ” “I tried socializing at clubs, but had to ask, what am I doing this for? Expensive, crowded, loud, can’t hear anything anyone says, has sticky floors, and too late in the evening for anyone who has to work for a living and can’t just sleep until 3 pm the next day.”

9. Small Talk

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We’ve all engaged in small talk. With the standard questions, good morning; how are you today? How was your weekend? Working hard or hardly working? But do we want to answer these questions, and once more, do we want answers to these questions?

Some users feel this is forcing interaction that we have become accustomed to. “I feel like most people do it because they think that other people will think they’re rude if they don’t, and not because they want to.” states one user.

Another user agrees, “Word salad. You’re expected to give the traditional call and response, you give a truthful response, and they look annoyed or start moving away; you don’t play the game at all, and people think you’re rude.”

10. Pineapple on Pizza

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This topic is probably the most known debate. One user summarizes, “It’s like someone once said it on social media, and people made it a thing like everyone’s main pizza was Hawaiian pizza when takeout happened, and then there was all this uproar about it, I guess everyone’s 50/50 in this some people taste it, and it’s overpowering, some people like it.”

Another user adds, “I can’t do sweet on pizza. But I’m not a big sweet and savory person.” While a third user says, “I think that people are pretending not to like pineapple on pizza.”

11. Keeping Up With Fashion Trends

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Looking good and looking fashionable is different. Some feel fashion is based on societal pressure to be more liked and popular. They argue trendy clothing is uncomfortable, expensive, and looks terrible.

One user admits, “Fashion cycles are crazy. I ran into a guy who seemed to be very into fashion. The part that weirds me is that he’s adopted the 80’s/90’s look. I politely asked him what made him choose his particular style. He answered that it was the in-fashion thing according to all the shows and media he consumes.” This must be exhausting to always be current on the latest trends.

12. Sparkling Beverages

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Sparkling water has become a popular beverage of choice for some. But others feel it has a minimal flavor and a bitter taste. Of course, we all have taste buds and experience tastes differently. And for some, switching to bubbly water satisfies a craving for soda that they cannot drink.

One user remarks, “It’s like someone took water, added pure essence of Bitter and carbonation, and then waved a fruit over it.
People are always like, it just takes a while to get used to, but I don’t want to waste time to get used to something I don’t enjoy.”

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