15 Things Society Has Demonized That Should Be Accepted as Normal

What should be normal but is demonized by society? For example, therapy has had decades of stigma attached to it, but it’s good. It’s healing and should be available for anyone who needs help surviving and navigating their traumas and lives. Here is what an online forum added to the list.

1. Men Raising Their Daughters

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Men raising daughters have negative connotations, and dads have had enough. One father explains there shouldn’t be scrutiny for taking their daughter to the potty or medical appointments. “I understand being cautious, but I am a solo dad, and their mom is not there for my daughters mentally or physically. I get tired of the glares sometimes.”

My dad raised my sister and me, so this one hits hard. I never realized until recently how badly women treat dads in the park and other public spaces.

2. A Healthy Work/Life Balance

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Adapting a healthy work/life balance should be normalized. However, society has evolved into a hustle culture with side gigs and multiple income streams. It shouldn’t have to be that way to survive, and people shouldn’t weaponize their hustle as the epitome of being successful.

3. Not Having Social Media

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Many users note that people are obsessed with social media, especially Facebook. One man asks why it is so weird to people that he doesn’t have it. It’s true. I left Facebook for a year, and everyone thought it was strange that I didn’t have one. However, it also puts perspective on how many people think you already know what is happening in their lives because they’ve “posted it on Facebook.”

4. Natural Ecosystems Instead of Lawns

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“Letting the natural ecosystem in your yard grow instead of forcing a monoculture of perpetually juvenile grasses.” This user adds that normalizing basic food gardening should be practiced and accepted. Another asks, How cool would it be to have a neighborhood where everyone grows a few things, and they gather weekly or so to trade?”

5. Sobriety

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Sobriety made this list, which tickles me. It should be accepted, but people treat you like a weirdo if you don’t drink alcohol. While people in recovery agree, others who have zero desire to consume alcohol concur. Finally, one says that even moderation is demonized. It’s an all-or-nothing society. Drunk or sober, with no in-between for moderation.

6. Speaking Ill of the Dead

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Speaking negatively of the deceased is a demonized activity in society. It’s not polite to talk ill of the dead. However, one suggests, “You’re not sanctified in death,” elaborating that if you were a terrible person while alive, you’re a horrible person while you’re dead.

7. Choosing Not To Have Kids

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“Adults 35 and older choosing not to have kids.” This user and many others agree that not everyone wants to be, or is meant to be, a parent. And it should be normal to choose not to take on that massive responsibility emotionally and financially without ridicule or judgment.

8. Disliking Children

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In a similar vein, not liking kids is something people believe should become normal in society. One explains they don’t mean being unpleasant with children. However, they value the ideas of child-free spaces, restaurants, and celebrations, including weddings.

9. Discussing Salary

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Discussing salaries is a demonized activity, but discussing it ensures workers are treated fairly. Without discussions, employers will take advantage to save a dime.

10. Universal Healthcare

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It’s no surprise that universal healthcare has made this list. People are tired of going bankrupt in America whenever they need medical care. The entire system is for profit, so the patient’s health is no longer a primary concern. Instead, it’s a business prioritizing money over saving lives.

11. Increasing Teacher’s Salaries

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Imagine a world where we adequately compensate people responsible for caring for our children. Teachers have been begging for a living wage for as long as I can remember, and now many don’t care anymore or are leaving the profession. As a result, there are shortages of teachers who honestly love what they do for very long.

12. Hairy Women

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Women having hair on their bodies where God intended it to grow made this list. As I’ve grown older, I appreciate that I no longer care—less razor burn and eczema irritation. Numerous women agree that they only shave once a week, a month, or whenever they feel like it.

13. Having a Different Opinion

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Having a different opinion, provided it’s not racism, sexism, or bigotry, should be normalized. Still, it’s been demonized, and everything has turned political. I see it myself. I publish a list of movies, and someone immediately jumps into the comments and finds a way to make a post about movies a protest against Biden, Trump, or whoever! It’s ridiculous and exhausting.

14. Women Having Their Tubes Tied

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It’s 2023. Women should be allowed the same rights as a man regarding sterility. If it is her body, her choice, and she doesn’t want children, that is her life decision. It’s not for a doctor or society to decide for her that she might change her mind. That’s not how any other decisions in life work. Men can get vasectomies at eighteen. Women should have the same right.

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15. Men Crying and Showing Emotions

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Finally, men showing their emotions should become normalized. Crying or showing any vulnerability has been demonized by society, and it’s sad. Women say they want sensitive men, and then several shame them when they let their guard down.

There is nothing sexier than a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotion. It shows you’re a real human being with feelings like the rest of us and have a heart. And that’s a good thing.

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