Dumb and Dumber: 12 Things That Make Stupid People Very Dangerous

Have you ever heard the saying: “Common sense ain’t all that common?” You’ve got company. Someone recently polled an online community for things that make stupid people very dangerous. Here is what THEY had to say. Do you agree?

1. Differentiating Between Stupid and Ignorant

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One thing I found in the forum that I really valued was when someone explained: “Stupid people are really a danger mostly to themselves. Ignorant people are a threat to everyone,” before another replied, “Kudos for separating stupid people who do not understand, from the ignorant people who refuse to accept regardless of credibility.”

Another person shares, “If by stupid you mean ignorant, uneducated, I would argue that they are dangerous because they don’t fear speaking their minds about any subject even if they have zero knowledge. If they are charismatic enough, It could lead other people ( mostly ignorant and uneducated) to follow them and believe in anything they say. In my country, we have politicians like that.”

2. They Tend to Be Less Aware

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Countless individuals agree that stupid people tend to be less aware of the consequences. However, one user argues, “I wouldn’t say less aware. They still know there are consequences for their actions. They just think the rules don’t apply to them.” What do you think?

3.  When They Don’t Know It

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People who don’t know they’re stupid and think they’re pretty smart can be dangerous. One elaborates, “And not only that they are pretty smart, but smarter than you, smarter than smart people, smarter than experts. Furthermore, they often think the smarter people or experts are wrong, dumb, and or trying to trick people.”

4. When They Are Given Power

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When you give stupid people power, it’s dangerous and can result in horrific things. Numerous forum members suggest “Nepotism —when they are placed in positions of power without talent or smarts.”

5. They Can’t Be Reasoned With

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I agree with the forum that stupid people can’t be reasoned with. I’m thinking of all the times I felt pulled into Facebook comments sections to argue with strangers as if they have the sense to be reasoned with. It’s such an angry place when it resonates with politics.

Staying out of those comments sections is crucial for mental health. Someone quoted American novelist, Uptown Sinclair, “You can’t use reason to get a person out of a position they didn’t use reason to get into.”

6. They Have the Right to Vote

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I like what one says about this statement, “Socrates feared that a true democracy would kill itself if the populace wasn’t educated. We are witnessing this now in the United States.

With the freedom for every person to vote comes a responsibility to ensure the populace is educated.” While some argue education doesn’t prevent people from making stupid choices, one agrees that it might “Not prevent, but surely reduce.”

7. When They Outnumber the Smart Ones

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Stupid people outnumbering the smart ones can result in colossal mistakes. Numerous people brought up the insurrection on January 6th, 2021, as an example of this.

Others note, “Mob mentality is really dangerous. Even smart people can be affected by it.” For example, “Look at medical history in the 1900s, particularly psychiatry. Even the experts can be wrong. Not saying it happens a lot, but ‘experts’ have had their life’s work discredited.”

8. When They Reproduce

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I didn’t say any of this, so don’t come for me, but multiple people agree with the statement, “Their ability to reproduce.” A forum member adds, “It seems like the least intelligent have the most kids. This is the whole premise of idiocracy.”

9. They Don’t Use Critical Thinking Skills

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Another thing I frequently saw in comment sections before leaving them forever is the lack of critical thinking. Someone shares, “They resort to fear or anger when they don’t understand something they need to think critically about.”

10. When They Drink Alcohol

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Multiple people announce that stupid people become extremely dangerous when they drink alcohol. I agree with their assessment when you consider the number of people who drink and drive.

11. When They Are Overly Confident

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“Confidence,” spouts one. “A smart person will think twice before acting. A stupid person lives in absolute certainty that they are correct and will follow whatever insane impulse that pops into their head because they lack the imagination to consider they may be wrong.”

12. They Act Without Considering the Consequences

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Elaborating on the earlier point of being less aware, stupid people act without considering the consequences of their actions. I appreciate how one explains it: “They lack the necessary foresight and wisdom to make prudent decisions, which can lead to disastrous outcomes.

History is littered with examples of leaders who have made bad decisions based on a lack of knowledge or understanding, with devastating results.”

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