Top 15 Things That Are Far Rarer Than People Think They Are

An interesting discussion broke out online about things that are much rarer than the average Joe knows. There were several interesting responses. Here are the top-voted.

1. Peace and Quiet

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When was the last time you experienced real peace and quiet? Between having screens all around us and the hustle and bustle of the streets, It’s scarce for most people nowadays. It’s so unusual that for many people, it becomes uncomfortable when it is entirely silent.

2. Solid Brown Cats

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Did you know that solid brown cats are incredibly rare? It’s true. These cats are often referred to as chestnut, sable, or chocolate. A cat lover adds: “That’s what makes Burmese cats so special!” My mother was a crazy cat lady with lots of adoptees and ferals, and I’ve never seen or heard of a brown cat before today. But they look adorable.

3. Genuine Friends

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Many people suggest that keeping friends from high school or a job you no longer work at is rare. Having genuine friends rather than companions for socialization is slipping through the cracks as technology and social media evolve.

4. Green Eyes

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Despite there being a disproportionately large number of fictional characters with green eyes, only an estimated two percent of the world’s population have them.

5. Northern Lights

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Seeing the Northern Lights is an incredible experience I am happy to have experienced during my brief stint of living in Alaska. An Icelander admits it’s staggering how often they’ve heard travelers ask, “We’ve come all this way. What time do they come on?”

6. Serial Killers

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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), “Serial murder is a relatively rare event, estimated to comprise less than one percent of all murders committed in any given year.” Several people attribute evolved forensics and smartphones tracking your location as factors in why we see less of them than in the ’80s.

7. Clean Water

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“My son and I have been discussing this lately,” one writes. “He is a chemical engineer and works exclusively with water. Many of the studies he has been published on also have to do with clean water and forever chemicals. Water is a huge issue that is becoming bigger every day, and normal people are forgetting about it.”

8. Being Raised in a Stable Home

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Did you know that almost 50 percent of all marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce or separation? The divorce rate for first marriages is 41%. This contributes to roughly 30% of the population growing up in fatherless homes. On top of that, millions of children have a physically present dad who is emotionally absent.

9. Humility

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Humility is something that is becoming rarer with each generation. Someone adds, “An understanding that sometimes you’re the victim and sometimes the perpetrator. No one is ever just one or the other.” It’s difficult to accept sometimes, but you will always be the villain in someone else’s story.

10. Tetanus

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Tetanus has been uncommon in the U.S. since vaccines and boosters were created. There is only an average of 30 reported cases annually. According to the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH): “Nearly all cases of tetanus in the U.S. are among people who have never received a tetanus vaccine or adults who don’t stay up to date on their 10-year booster shots.”

11. Eating Disorders

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While eating disorders affect around 9% of the world’s population, you may be surprised that The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) reports that less than 6% of people with eating disorders are medically diagnosed as “underweight.”

A forum member opens up to share: “Food is also my comfort source, and every time I try to enjoy myself, I don’t need remarks given a few feet away like if I can’t hear y’all People see anorexic people showing skin and bones and sympathize with them, but the moment a chubby/chunky person ends up doing what their eating disorder causes them to do, suddenly there’s no sympathy.”

12. Kindness and Empathy

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Numerous individuals agree that empathy is a rare trait in people today. A user clarifies: “When people want to and are able to understand the experience of another human being, without projection of own ideas and experiences onto others.”

Unfortunately, we are living in a very selfish and narcissistic time in the world. Everyone is just “so important” that they neglect being kind and empathetic to others.

13. Gold

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Do you realize how rare of a commodity gold is today? IFLScience says, “All the gold discovered so far could fit inside a puny 23 by 23 meter (75 by 75 foot) cube — that’s about the length of a cricket pitch. Despite its relatively small size, this cube would weigh eight times as much as the Statue of Liberty.”

14. Naturally Blonde Hair

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Don’t let the bottle blondes fool you. Did you know that only 2% of natural blondes are in the world? Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, and Iceland have the greatest natural numbers.

15. Shark Attacks

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Whatever you do, don’t binge-watch When Sharks Attack, or you may give yourself an irrational fear of sharks in the water. Nonetheless, according to the World Animal Foundation (WAF): “The odds of being killed or even attacked by a shark are a staggering 1 in 3 billion. That equates to a less than 0.000026% chance.” The risk of dying in a shark attack is 1 in 4,332,817. You are 1500 times more likely to be attacked by a bear than a shark.

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