10 Things That Are Forever Ruined for Everybody Because of One Person

Do you have an example of something being destroyed for everyone because of the actions of one? While taking my daily scroll, I encountered a discussion about what was ruined for everybody by one person. Here are the forum’s top-voted responses.

1. Richard Reid

Richard Reid, also known as “The Shoe Bomber,” forever changed air travel for everyone. Several people detest having to remove their shoes at the airport. Someone asks, “What does that tell you? If a single person can change an entire security apparatus?”

2. The Pokémon Children in Turkey

In 2000, a four-year-old boy in Turkey lept off a seventh-floor balcony, imitating his favorite flying Pokémon character. Two weeks prior, a seven-year-old girl lept from her fifth-floor balcony because she believed she had the same superpowers as another Pokémon character.

Fortunately, both children survived with broken legs. Nonetheless, the Turkish government temporarily shut down a TV network for showing the popular children’s cartoon series, and Pokémon was no more.

3. Detroit Edison Free Light Bulbs

A man volunteers; he was once a kid in Detroit, and the electric company gave out free light bulbs. You would stash burnt-out bulbs in a bag, take them to Detroit Edison, and exchange the duds for free new ones.

Unfortunately, in 1972 a Detroit pharmacist, Lawrence Cantor brought suit against Detroit Edison. “He charged the utility company with violating antitrust laws and depriving him of a chance to sell light bulbs in his store. No more free light bulbs.”

4. The Swastika

Did you know that up until the 1930s, the swastika represented good fortune and well-being? Someone denotes, “It was once a symbol of peace in parts of Asia.” Nonetheless, Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, and all the White Supremacists of today have forever ruined that symbol. Now it is associated with hate and death.

5. The Toothbrush Mustache

Speaking of Adolf Hitler, he ruined the “Toothbrush mustache” for everyone. A user clarifies, “Made famous by people like Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hard, ruined forever by Hitler.”

6. The Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker

Remember when a seventeen-year-old girl filmed herself licking the top of Blue Bell ice cream in 2019? She then put the top back on it and placed it back in the grocer’s freezer. It was some stupid online trend, probably TikTok.

As a result of her distasteful actions, ice cream now comes with a plastic covering for you to peel off. Hmm… I am pretty sure there was plastic on some brands prior. Still, the forum voted this in.

7. James W. Lewis

James W. Lewis was the only suspect regarding seven deaths caused by cyanide-laced Tylenol. He was charged with the seven deaths but was convicted of extortion for “Sending a letter to Tylenol’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, that took responsibility for the deaths and demanded $1 million to stop them.” His actions led to pharmaceutical changes, including tamper-resistant packaging.

8. Andrew Wakefield

According to the internet forum, Andrew Wakefield, the discredited doctor, ruined the logic and science of vaccines by creating a bunch of “Anti-vax idiots.” He ruined everything. “He fired several people for being right, he used medical procedures on children who were underage for them, and he destroyed many people’s lives.”

9. Red Baseball Caps

Countless forum members agree that Donald Trump and MAGA have ruined red baseball caps for everyone else. A man shares, “It’s true. I was wearing a KC Chiefs hat, but the side eye I was getting didn’t register at first.”

10. Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle, the former spokesperson for the Subway diet, single-handedly ruined it. Many admit the Subway diet was a sham: “That was basically intermittent fasting mixed with anorexic tendencies.

He sure shattered the illusion.” I watched the documentary Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster, and it was hard to listen to some of the recordings where he discusses children. 

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