12 Things That Are Absolutely Worth Paying Someone Else to Do

Is there something you find worth the money to have someone else do? There are plenty of things in my world that I’d rather toss money at. From cleaning the bathroom to anything pertaining to laundry, there is no shortage of things. My husband would argue that I am bougie and, therefore, my list is long. But I digress.

After someone polled an online community for said services, here are their honest confessions.

1. Moving

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YES! The last time I moved, I used TaskRabbit to hire some people to unload the truck because we were exhausted from loading it. Next time, I will be hiring them to load it too.

2. Changing or Fixing the Garage Door Spring

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Did you know people are injured and even killed by changing garage door springs? It’s true. The force of the spring can prove to be so strong that it can cause serious injuries or even death. So it is better to call a professional.

3. Cleaning Septic Tank

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Do people clean their own septic tanks? I’ve always been on sewer. Nonetheless, multiple forum members suggest it’s worth paying someone else to do it.

4. Major Electrical Work

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Despite all the YouTube tutorials on how to do things yourself, messing with electrical currents is no joke. So this forum believes it is totally worth spending the money for a pro.

5. Plumbing

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My sister never ceases to amaze me. She changed out a toilet in the home we shared years ago. I would not attempt such a chore, and many others explain that anything pertaining to plumbing is worth paying someone else to do it.

6. Dog Nail Care

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Several dog owners admit that clipping their dog’s toenails is a chore they rather pay someone else to do. Lots of dogs panic over the practice. One user shares, “My dog’s a rescue and is freaked out by many things, nail trimming included.

The doggy daycare we took her to suggested we try a scratching pad to file her nails. About once a month or so, I sit down with it and a pile of treats, and while she scratches, I give her treats.”

7. Cleaning Service

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Countless individuals suggest hiring cleaning services was one of the best decisions of their lives, especially for people who detest household chores. You can opt for weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleanings.

8. Cutting Down Trees

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Cutting down trees is another chore that is worth hiring a pro. A woman shares, “I came home one day last summer, and my husband was up in the tree out front with no safety harness, hat, nothing — not even a rope.

Half hanging off one limp, trying to cut down another limb with a hand saw because he couldn’t get the right position with the chainsaw. Never again. We will add that to our budget.”

9. Anything That Involves Crawling Under the House

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Many insist that anything that involves crawling under the house is worth spending money on. Others add that anything that involves getting on the roof is also worth the pay.

10. Landscaping

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“Landscaping,” states one. “My god, I hate pulling weeds and trimming an overgrown garden. My allergies and sensitive skin make it even more of a disaster.”

11. Massages

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Nothing beats the stress and pain release of receiving a professional massage. I have a massage gun that helps alleviate some pain, but it is much more relaxing and effective when a professional works out the tension.

12. Haircuts

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I laughed out loud at someone who says haircuts are worth it before admitting, “Tried once in COVID’s beginning. And yeah, it’s better if someone else does it.” Also, color and perm services are worth spending the cash to have a pr do them.



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