15 Things That Come With Getting Old That Make Life So Much Better

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Recently, someone asked a popular online forum of people 55+ about the perks of growing old. Of course, you always hear about the negative things, so the positive things are refreshing and reassuring. Here is what the members had to say.

1. You Learn To Stop Caring About What Others Think

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Sure, you may spout this sentiment when you’re younger. However, you don’t fully understand the weight of not giving a beep until you’ve lived a little longer. It’s liberating and one of the best parts of growing older.

2. This Too Shall Pass

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You discover that huge problems, mistakes, or challenging situations are rarely as big, complicated, or impactful as you think. Ultimately, we make it through everything. One woman shares her grandmother’s wisdom, “Troubles aren’t as big as you feared, and great times don’t last as long as you hope. Everything balances out.”

3. Senior Discounts

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Depending on the services and your location in the U.S., businesses offer senior discounts on everything from getting into the national parks to dining out at restaurants.

4. The Cat-Calling Decreases and Ceases

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Do you enjoy being catcalled? Most women do not, and the older ones are here to assure you that as you grow older, it declines in frequency.

5. Retirement

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One of the greatest perks, according to many, is retiring. One expresses, It’s just really nice not to have to go to a crummy job five days a week and know that you can rest instead. Another user states, “Retirement. It’s what you thought being a grown-up would be like when you were a kid. Stay up as late as you want. Get up when you want. Eat when and what you like.”

6. Greater Empathy

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Greater empathy is something one user rejoices in experiencing. They note that because you’ve been there and done that, you can relate to everyone because you’ve already experienced the life stages they have gone through. It makes it easier to be insightful and helpful, and you want to help others in life.

7. Grander Knowledge

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Due to life experiences, you’ll gain greater knowledge, understanding better how the world works and how people operate. It allows for more straightforward navigation in life’s situations. For example, you’ve learned skills, including how to cook a Thanksgiving feast, hang curtain rods, fix a flat tire, etc.

8. Medicare and Social Security

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Numerous older people agree that Medicare and Social Security are fantastic. One goes as far as to suggest Medicare is almost as good as the U.K.’s National Health Service, except for all the extra paperwork, doesn’t cover as much, and has co-pays. One laments they’re sad for the next generations, as they believe it won’t be there anymore.

9. Financial Security

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While it was noted that not everyone is fortunate enough to achieve it, the best part of growing older is the financial security that comes with it. They elaborate that having your credit cards, vehicles, and houses paid off is a beautiful feeling.

10. More Free Time

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Having more free time to explore interests and develop hobbies is a significant part of getting older. Numerous people note it’s another perk of retirement. From gardening to bowling to volunteering, your time becomes yours for the first time.

11. No More Periods

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No more periods means much more than being done with risking pregnancy. It also means no more mood swings, period poos, acne, and cramps. Finally, you no longer need to check your menstrual calendar to plan around your monthly visitor.

12. Naps

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One of the best parts of growing old is the unlimited nap time you can take advantage of wherever you like. Be it in bed or your favorite recliner.

13. Spending All Day With Your Best Friend

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Spending every day with your best friend doing whatever you like together is an experience many in the thread say is lovely about growing older.

14. Grandchildren

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Spending time with grandchildren is echoed by many older people in the forum. One elaborates she enjoys teaching them things like coloring and animals. Finally, she loves seeing those lightbulb moments when they connect on how to do something, say something, or sing a thing.

15. Watching Your Kids Take the Lead

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Finally, a mother says she adores seeing her kids take the lead – especially on holidays and birthdays. “I spent decades planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, decorating, cleaning, stressing… Now they do it all. I only had to wash my coffee mug the day after Thanksgiving. Love it.”

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