12 Little Things That Eventually Disappeared Without Anyone Noticing

Have you noticed something disappear that no one else seemed to notice? You’ve got company. A popular online community member asks, “What eventually disappeared without anyone noticing?” Here is how the forum members responded.

1. Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald
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“Ronald McDonald. Do you remember the old clown everywhere in and around McDonald’s commercials and stores? Gone. Phased out when that ‘clown scare’ prank trend was going around.”

2. Working 9 to 5

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“Somewhere along the way, 9-5 turned into 8-5. At some point, the hour unpaid lunch became work at your desk. My company actually got rid of all almost all the break room seating, so only about 5% could theoretically eat there other than their desk.”

3. Toys in Cereal Boxes

pouring cereal
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“Toys in cereal boxes. I would choose the cereal primarily on the toy. Cap’n Crunch had the best toys. I still have a telescope and a rocket launcher from the 70s.”

4. Custom Ringtones

surprised Black woman phone
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“Custom ringtones. My phone is on a permanent mute. Everyone I care about messages me, important calls leave voice mail, and I’m not interested in being disturbed by scam calls.” “I’ll raise you another: paying for different ringtones.”

5. Fainting

Victorian fainting
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“People fainting when something unexpected happens. And people carrying smelling salts for just such an occasion. It’s so 19th century.” Someone adds, “Corsets were often so tight that it was already difficult to breathe, so fainting was much more common.”

6. Coin Operated Rides

coin operated horse
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“Those coin-operated rocking horses you used to see in front of grocery stores.” Numerous people remember a scene from the film Career Opportunities with Jennifer Connelly and one of these coin-operated horses. I’ve not seen it, but I think I get the gist.

7. Family Photos

family photos
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“Having many Family photographs in homes. They are not completely gone, but homes used to be plastered in them. The only times I really notice them are in the homes of older people. I think that has a lot to do with digital photography coming into play.”

8. Automatic Seatbelts

no way not happening
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“Automatic seatbelts. My aunt is part of the reason they aren’t around anymore. She was in a bad car accident where the car rolled several times. The door opened during the rolling (or at least separated enough to tell the sensor it was open), and off came her seat belt in the middle of the accident. She spent months in the hospital. Lots of surgeries and still has issues 30+ years later from the accident. It was so bad. They were a cool feature until they malfunctioned.”

9. Fireflies

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“Fireflies, aka lightning bugs. I live rural and used to see hundreds on a warm summer night. Now I get excited if I see just one. I mentioned it to other people who live in the same area as I do, and they were just like, ‘Huh. Yeah. You’re right!'”

10. The Hole in the Ozone

Black man winking
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“The hole in the ozone. It’s one of the only examples of the world eliminating something harming the environment. CFCs were banned worldwide as they were determined to be causing the hole, and the ozone layer recovered.”

11. Lobster Tanks in Grocery Stores

lobster tank
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“Lobster tanks in grocery stores! Not that I particularly want them back, but those are nostalgic. That was my entertainment while my Mom shopped. Like a fish tank but sadder.”

12. Postcards

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“Postcards. And not just in the usual places, like museum gift shops and tourist traps. There was once a time when you could buy at any truck stop or roadside motel a postcard of the small town you were driving through. But not anymore; no point when you can text your friends a photo.”

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