Stupid and Dangerous: 12 Things That Polarized Extremists Have Made Political Today

Numerous things have become political due to extremists on both sides of the political fence. And it’s become ridiculous. After someone polled an online forum for examples of things that have become politicized, here are their honest confessions.

1. People’s Sexual Orientation

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Someone said sexual preference before they were shredded for using that incorrectly, as orientation is not a preference. One suggests, “Being offended that someone said “sexual preference” instead of the more ‘sexual orientation’ is a perfect example of something dumb being politicized.” Many others disagree, and they all prove the point in their bickering about how dumb it is being politicized.

2. Beer Brands

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Beer is brought up several times due to the Bud Light stupidity. However, a bartender further clarifies, “I manage a bar. The number of people who call us a ‘woke liberal bar’ specifically because we don’t carry Budweiser is amazing.

I’ve had folks ask if we have ‘American’ beer while standing in front of a cooler filled with ‘Gansett and Sam Adams. Likewise, I’ve had friends act like the Coors in my cooler is the same as a confederate flag on my porch.”

3. Footwear — Timberland Boots

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A New Yorker explains that one night, a girl called one guy a Republican because he was wearing Timberland boots. “As if not every dude from New York owns a pair.” Several people (myself included) were baffled by that association, considering “Timbs are typically associated with NYC and/or black culture (two VERY non-Republican things).”

4. Medical Vaccines

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This one surprises me the most. Medicine has become politicized. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to take a moment to analyze the science involved, pray about things, and give a thought before racing out to get a vaccine developed quicker than they typically are.

But to politicize it because you don’t like Dr. Fauci or because someone has convinced you it has a microchip in it for tracking… what the heck do you think that cell phone is? People ignoring the science have caused diseases like measles to have outbreaks again. You don’t have to be a scientist to see how stupid that is.

5. The Subject of Science

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Speaking of science, why is it politicized? I can’t believe how many Facebook “researchers” think they know better than people who have educated themselves and know a great deal more about science.

It’s sad and shows the population’s lack of critical thinking and common sense. If you have done something your entire life and someone tries to convince you that they know better because they saw some TikTok, how the heck would you respond? God, it’s frightening.

6. Owning Guns

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Firearms are mentioned countless times in the discussion. One notes, “Guns. Owning a gun is a right people from either side of the political aisle have. And most of the reasons for owning one transcend politics.” After being around veterans from both sides, this is accurate. Not all gun owners are stereotypical conservatives. Many liberals own them as well.

7. Wearing Nike

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Nike has been politicized forever now. One fan writes, “I got chastised by my brother for buying Nike products. ‘Oh, you support the woke, anti-American agenda?’ No, I support the fact that they make shirts that actually fit me nicely.”

8. Controversial Books

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“Books, for sure,” one claims. “Some people think you’re pretentious for reading at all. More people believe, depending on what you’re reading, you’re a fascist nazi or a woke liberal.”

9. The Rat Rod

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Another forum member admits, “I saw someone get called a fascist for seemingly no reason other than driving a rat rod at a stoplight a few days ago — so.”

10. The Subject of Critical Race Theory

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Several people agree with one who admits, “Critical race theory. I’m black, and I still don’t know what the heck it means or why it is a political debate. Exhausting.” Same, but I know it’s become politicized, and what I’ve heard about it, “making all white men the evil bad guys responsible for everything” sounds absurd.

11. People’s Skin Color

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Numerous Black and Latinx people in the thread are tired of having their skin color politicized. A Black user asks, “What’s the deal with the word Latinx? Every time I hear it, I cringe! It’s as silly as calling my Black American self ‘African American’ when we have no ties to Africa in the slightest.” Several Latinx people admit that they think the word Latinx is absurd.

12. The Daily Interactions With Complete Strangers

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This. It is so frustrating to be minding my own business and have some extremists on either side try to get me to agree with their nonsense. One clarifies, “I don’t really need to discuss whatever the outraged talking point du jour is just to pick up a few groceries or walk to my car.

Just because I’ve not buried my head in my cell phone doesn’t mean I agree with whatever political statement you’re making yourself a billboard about standing next to me. It just means I want to see where I’m going.”

I think the worst of this is when people would mock you for wearing masks. Total strangers. Like, get a freaking life. You don’t know me or my health situation and sound like a judgmental idiot.

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