10 Significant Things That Offend Both the Far-Left and Far-Right

When I stumbled upon the question, “What’s something that offends both the far-left and far-right?” I was uncertain if there would be anything valid on the list. However, an online forum delivered these little tidbits of truth. Do you agree?

1. Pride Pandering

Pride is a riot
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Someone gives the perfect answer when they state, “Corporate gay-pandering during pride month, but for wildly different reasons. I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t see that obvious rainbow flag. Get real. One month out of the year, corporations pretend to give a hoot about the LGBTQ+ community, and we are not fooled.

2. The Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church
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Nothing is as deplorable as the Westboro Baptist Church picketing military funerals and holding up offensive signs suggesting God hates groups of people. God doesn’t hate anyone, so immediately, that’s a red flag, and I don’t know how they can call themselves a church.

3. Lawmakers Trading Stocks

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Insider trading is something that both extremes are against. One user clarifies, “Lovely system where the ones that can ban it are the ones that can pass the law. Most of their wealth comes from doing this, and they all end up rich.”

4. Culture Wars

blaming pointing fingers
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Do you believe the media and government are creating culture wars to keep us fighting with each other rather than addressing the real problem — the government? A user describes it best: “The culture war is really just a distraction that renders us unable to come together and solve them for real.”

5. Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein
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Countless individuals (myself included) admit to not knowing a single person who believes the official story about Epstein un-aliving himself. However, because of all the “conspiracy theories” of varying degrees, no one agrees on what really happened. “Even my liberal friend, who HATES any whisper of a conspiracy theory, didn’t buy the official narrative on Epstein’s death.”

6. Homeowner Associations

suburbs HOA
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Did you know that Homeowner Associations (HOAs) were created to keep Black people out of White neighborhoods? I had never heard of it, but after reading about it, it’s true. A forum member explains, “A lot of people are absolutely surprised when I tell them HOAs originally started to keep ‘undesirables’ out of the neighborhood.

AKA: Black people and poor people. People who could barely afford to move to that area are now priced out because of HOA Fees.” Nevertheless, homeowners in the thread confess that both the far left and right agree on HOAs being horrible.

7. College Expenses

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While the far right and the far left do not agree on student loan forgiveness. They collectively acknowledge that a college education is ridiculously expensive.

8. Independents

Bernie Sanders speech
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Another thing the far right and left both find offensive are Independents who claim that both sides are ridiculous. “The left says, ‘You’re just a closeted right winger that doesn’t want the stigma of openly being a bigot,’ and the right says, ‘You’re just a fence sitter who won’t stick up when it counts.” This is relatable. Like many in the thread, I am politically homeless.

9. Leeching off the Government

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While this is true, they come to the conclusion in entirely different ways. The far-right is offended by poor people leeching off the government but thinks rich people and presidents abusing the system to avoid paying taxes are just fine. The far left is against the latter.

10. Homelessness

Tent city LA
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Another thing they are both offended by is the homeless population. But again, for entirely different reasons. The far left is “Offended because the government should be providing free housing in their view. The far right is offended because they think homeless people are lazy vagrants.”

The saddest part of this is that everyone deserves a home. Whenever someone talks about tent cities, I am reminded of a documentary, United States of Tents. Seeing all the different stories unfold in the same circumstance was eye-opening.

Most shocking was the tent city in Hawaii. A massive community full of people who work full-time jobs and can’t afford a place to live. I highly encourage you to check it out if you haven’t seen it.

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