Top 15 Things People Admit Scare the Bejesus Out of Them as Adults

Recently, an internet forum user asked a popular community what scares them as adults. Thousands of people weighed in to deliver this authentic list of genuine fears people have as adults. Are you one of them?

1. Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are mentioned many times in the thread as something people are terrified of as adults. After losing my father to primary progressive aphasia, I 100% agree with this number one answer. It’s a horrible disease and a terrible ending for anyone.

2. Getting Older

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Have you ever heard that life goes by faster the older you get? It’s true. Years can fly by like days. Several people admit that it scares them. Losing the ability to do the things you once could, constant aches and pains, and knowing you’re closer to death than birth is a frightening reality for many adults.

3. Outliving Children

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Outliving your children is an unnatural occurrence in life that guts parents. Many of them explain it is something you will never get over or get any grief relief. My sister lost her sixteen-year-old to an asthma attack, and it was the most brutal punch in the chest I’ve ever felt; he was my nephew, not my son. Watching her grieve and not having any comforting words or actions to make anything better for her is difficult.

4. Children’s Future

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Do you remember when you turned 18, got a job, afforded an apartment and your own groceries? — Not in this economy. Several parents confess to being scared for their children’s future in today’s economy.

5. Being Able to Provide

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The idea of being unable to provide for loved ones who depend on you is frightening for some, but it is becoming an alarming reality for families in this economy.

6. Serious Illness

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Countless adults confess that the thing that scares the bejesus out of them is getting sick with a serious illness like cancer or heart disease. Watching loved ones succumb to severe illnesses makes the threat of getting one yourself more frightening.

7. Watching Parents Age

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While people acknowledge watching your parents grow older is scary, witnessing them die slowly of serious diseases and dementia is far more frightening. I can attest to this truth after losing both of my parents this way. It’s horrifying and something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

8. Living Alone in Old Age

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Nobody wants to live alone in their final years. God created us to love and for companionship, so not having family and friends to love and have you love you back would be awful.

9. Not Being Able to Retire

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Speaking of the bad economy, many people nearing retirement age fear they won’t be able to retire. Two other real fears are losing retirement savings in the stock market or being scammed out of retirement money.

10. Fascism

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Many Americans are terrified at the prospect of fascism corrupting our democracy. Some forum members confess they aren’t comfortable with how many people are not only OK with it but all for it.

11. Another Trump Presidency

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Countless Americans fear Donald Trump winning another term as President of the United States. However, Americans aren’t the only ones. For example, a woman elaborates: “I’m Canadian, and I really fear another Trump presidency. His brand of radicalism has been exported up here. Now we have more racist, nationalist, fundamentalist movements than in 2016, all parroting his talking points.”

12. Other Drivers

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Drivers, or as one so elegantly puts it, “Morons in cars,” are something several adults admit can be scary. Add things like texting and making TikTok videos while driving; this fear is a legitimate concern.

13. The Degradation of Our Planet

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The degradation of our planet is something many adults fear. For example, resource depletion, microplastics, and contamination. A user shares: “The climate crisis is by far my worst nightmare, compounded by the increasing likelihood that this will happen.”

14. Being Homeless

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Being homeless is a situation more and more people have found themselves in with rising rents and unliveable wages. If you have not watched United States of Tents, I highly recommend it to understand better what is going on with homeless populations and tent cities. Several people who live in some of these homeless compounds have full-time jobs and still aren’t making it. It’s tragic and inhumane that anyone is without shelter. 

15. Nursing Homes

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It’s a sad reality that far too many Americans end up in nursing homes as senior adults. The conditions are horrible. They are typically understaffed, and many have been reported for abuse of the patients.

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