25 Things Only People Looking To Change Their Lives Are Strong Enough To Do

Is there something about your life that you’re hoping to change? For example, I am working on not eating ice cream when my body keeps screaming at me not to! Why is vanilla so creamy? Anyhoo. After someone asked an online forum what things can totally change your life if you’re stong enough to stick to them, these are their best responses.

1. Stopped Arguing With Random Strangers on the Internet

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Oof. This one hits me right at home. Since I stopped reading comments and arguing with strangers online, my mental health has soared. I am not angry or obsessing about something trivial all day long. 10/10 recommend. One confesses they sometimes “type out a comment for the catharsis” but always end up deleting it without posting. I’ve done that but have since stopped completely.

2. Doing at Least One Chore a Day

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Do you struggle with keeping up with neverending housework? Do one chore daily, and the sense of accomplishment helps you “fight back against certain depressive mentalities.”

3. Viewing Things as Potential Experiences Instead of Opportunities for Achievement

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One confesses they began viewing things as possible experiences rather than just opportunities for achievement. They elaborate they heard and live by a quote that states, ” “It’s only a failure if you stop trying. Otherwise, it’s an experiment.”

4. Moved Away From Unhappiness

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You know that expression if you’re unhappy, you’ll be unhappy wherever you live. It’s not always true. According to one man, they had gotten used to being miserable. After moving away from the state they grew up in, they’ve become a much happier and “completely different person.”

5. Learning To Set Boundaries and Say No

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You must learn how to set boundaries and say no. One notes that initially, it feels wrong because people get so angry that you’re no longer willing to be their doormat.

6. Daily Exercise

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Someone confesses that daily exercise doubles their energy for an hour out of their day. A second user adds that’s just the benefit you get now. “You have no idea the dividends you’ll collect on that as you age. The key to aging gracefully is in staying active.” People in the thread recommend cardio, weight training, and swimming. Of course, starting with a brisk walk is always good.

7. Quit Smoking

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Quitting smoking was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done, and I’m a recovering heroin addict. Unfortunately, it’s nasty, expensive, and a terrible addiction that traps people in a stinky cycle. Since I stopped smoking, I never get bronchitis. As a smoker, I got it at least twice annually.

8. Quit Drinking

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Quitting drinking is the best thing many confess to ever doing in their lives. One elaborates it’s improved their mental and physical health and their relationships.

9. Moved Closer To Work

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While this user knows not everyone can do it, moving closer to work has been life-changing. His commute went from 45 miserable minutes in traffic glaring in hatred at the tail lights in front of him to a pleasant 15-minute bike ride. Additionally, he gets an hour of free time every day and much better health.

10. Reading Books

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Reading has helped many people find enjoyment, happiness, and growth in their lives. While some note the feel of a good book in their hands, others are bigger fans of audiobooks.

11. Getting Educated

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It’s never too late to get an education. One man explains getting their Bachelor’s degree at 47 years old—a Master’s degree at 50. He rejoices in doubling his salary in four years and is set to retire by 60.

12. Eating Healthy

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Eating healthy is critical for feeling good mentally and physically. Unfortunately, processed foods contain cancer-causing toxins and extra fats and sugars. Many admit they wish they’d started eating healthier much earlier in life. You don’t realize how bad you feel until you begin eating healthy and start feeling good.

13. Stopped Living for the Weekends

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Are you one of those people who lives for the weekends after surviving a long five-day work week? This user says waiting for those two days is unhealthy while dreading the other five. So they combat that feeling by planning something fun or meaningful daily, regardless of how small.

14. Listening to the Sound of Rain To Fall Asleep

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Do you enjoy listening to nature sounds or white noise when you sleep? One man admits that he wishes he would have started listening to the sound of rain to fall asleep much sooner in life. Others confess to enjoying thunderstorms or ocean waves.

Personally, I love the manifestation videos with black screens on YouTube. Listening to gratitude affirmations, or attracting money, are two of my favorite things. John Moyer has tons of great ones, and they are all free.

15. Flower Gardening

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Many people share that gardening has been a life-changing hobby for them. One woman admits that flower gardening is relaxing. You will see results all summer. She notes lots of successes and failures. However, failures bring improvements.

16. Laser Eye Surgery

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One man says LASIK surgery has been the best decision of his life. Therefore, he wishes he had done it much sooner and encourages others not to wait.

17. Getting a Work From Home Job

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I 100% relate to the suggestion of getting a work-from-home job. I get to spend my time doing something I love, providing enough for me to stay home and take care of my babies.

18. Flossing

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Flossing, moreover, flossing with a Waterpik, came highly recommended. One confesses that trips to the dentist are a breeze now, and they’ve stopped getting cavities. Preventative care is cheaper and less painful than fixing teeth problems.

19. Got a Proper Diagnosis

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YES! I cannot tell you what a relief it was to be correctly diagnosed with ADHD. I’d been living untreated for so long that I’d accepted so much negative self-talk as truth.

20. Getting a Bidet

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They say once you go bidet, you never go back, and the more I dig through these comments, the more I believe it. It’s described as life-changing and another level of clean you never knew you needed after doing your business.

21. Seeing a Therapist

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Mental health care has been beginning to lose the stigma attached to it for so many decades now. Numerous thread contributors expressed having benefited from talking things out in therapy. However, finding the right one is key. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find one that works best for you.

22. Learning Spanish

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America is one of the only countries that doesn’t teach its children another language until high school when their brains are less receptive. It’s infuriating, especially considering the necessity to know Spanish in many parts of the country. One admits it’s the best thing they’ve done and have made many friends in the Latinx community. It’s also opened up better employment opportunities.

23. Hired a Cleaner

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Hiring cleaners to come in and do the house cleaning has been a godsend to many people in the thread. One suggests it costs about the same as a date night and is worth the mental peace of no clutter and no deep cleaning chores.

24. Deleting Social Media

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Have you contemplated deleting social media? Numerous people are deactivating their accounts across the major platforms and embracing better mental health and real-life activities instead. In addition, not comparing yourself or taking in false information and hate is liberating.

25. Yoga

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Finally, Yoga has improved many lives in the thread, all noting they wished they had started sooner. I can relate to this too. Unfortunately, I grew up believing Yoga was some spiritual thing that would send me straight to hell…Yikes.

However, it is a godsend for neck and back pain, especially if you have a larger chest and that midback is killing you at the end of the day. Start with 10-minute YouTube videos and work up to 30 minutes. Your body will hurt less, and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start. 

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