15 Normal Things in Life People Treat Like They’re Taboo

Recently an online forum discussed things that society treats as taboo that are honestly normal. It was an interesting conversation with several good points. Here are their suggestions.

1. Talking About Death

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Nearly 20,000 people weigh in to suggest that “Death” is treated as a taboo subject and shouldn’t be in many aspects. One user explains that they still don’t know how their friend died because no one will tell them, and they’re not allowed to ask.

Another person mentions how they rarely put the cause of death in the obituary. “Many people who think they’ve never known anyone who took their own life or drug overdose are wrong.”

2. Admitting That You Don’t Know Something

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Countless forum members explain that it’s ok to admit you don’t know “Diddly Jack.” However, society doesn’t always see it that way. A former student shares, “I used to get bullied for asking questions in school, no matter if it was something basic or more complex.” Several teachers confirm that this happens too frequently.

3. Paying Transparent, Fair Wages

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Have you seen those job listings that say starting wage $x-$Z? Many take issue with that and suggest that there needs to be wage transparency. A thread contributor shares, “If I’m applying to a job, I want you (the recruiter) to tell me in black and white how much you’re willing to pay me. None of this ‘So, what is your expected salary?’ If I’m asked that in an interview, I always respond with, ‘What do you think I’m worth?'”

4. Having Intrusive Thoughts

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The idea that you may be the only one who experiences intrusive thoughts can be frightening. A respondent confesses, “It was nice knowing other people had them. And that having them doesn’t make you an awful person.”

5. Reproductive Health and Human Anatomy

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After someone nominates reproductive health and basic human anatomy, another person jokes, “America has entered the chat.” Several teachers explain teaching their children human anatomy words. Teaching children the proper names will help them understand their bodies better and be able to tell you exactly what happens if a predator ever attempts or assaults them.

6. Miscarriages

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Considering one in four pregnancies ends with a miscarriage, it shouldn’t be taboo to discuss openly. “Everyone wants to know about your family planning, but no one wants to talk about how many people suffer through the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil of a miscarriage. Despite the impact, you are expected to act and show up to work as if nothing happened.”

7. Mental Health and Cognitive Disabilities

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While many members acknowledge it’s becoming less stigmatized to discuss mental health issues and cognitive disabilities like autism and ADHD openly, there is still room to grow. Someone clarifies, “Im diagnosed autistic. Whenever I mention my autism around people, including my own family, the topic is changed VERY quickly.”

8. Taking Some Time to Form Your Opinions

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Numerous forum members agree with one saying, “With the number of issues and information sources, it’s not a bad thing to want to be as informed as you can before deciding how you feel, rather than just going with your gut from minute one.” Multiple people agree with the phrase, “I need to sleep on it.”

9. Admitting You Were Wrong and Changing Your Mind

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We are living in a very divided world right now due partly to a ton of stubborn people unwilling to step into the other person’s shoes to gain a different perspective. One clarifies, “Admitting you were wrong and changing your mind.

People shouldn’t feel like they’re married for life to their politics, philosophy, religion, etc.” You shouldn’t stop learning and growing because you’re an adult. You don’t know and are not right about everything.

10. Talking About Money in Relationships

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“Yes, exactly! One NEEDS to discuss finance with their partner if they live together or are in long-term relationships” says one. Even while dating, discussing income with the person you’re seeing should be normalized. A second person argues, “No need for that qualifier. Just talking about money.” Agreed. Colleagues should discuss this openly to ensure fair wages.

11. Talking About Periods

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Periods are natural and should be the easiest thing to talk about, but it’s one of the most taboo subjects there is in the world. Several women confess, wishing men knew more about periods and didn’t shy away like it was a scarlet letter.

12. Couples Sleeping in Separate Beds

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Someone suggests, “Many couples sacrifice good sleep because they are expected to sleep together.” Another adds, “Completely agree. People automatically assume it harms marriages. My marriage was harmed because I could never sleep! So much better for some couples to sleep separately!” Many others agree with this sentiment and confess to happily having separate beds from their spouses.

13. Not Wanting or Having Children

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Countless women are tired of society pressuring them to have children. Some women do not want kids, but it’s rarely accepted as truth. Men and other women love to tell you that you will change your mind one day. It shouldn’t be so taboo.

14. Regretting Having Children

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On the contrary, women believe it shouldn’t be taboo to admit they regret having children. One explains, “It’s hard to talk about because it’s not acceptable to talk negatively about parenthood. I have several friends who, after a couple of beers, told me if they could go back in time, they’d choose to remain childless. They love their children but hate the life that comes with it.”

15. Substance Abuse and Recovery

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I’ll add my own to the list and say substance abuse and recovery. People should be allowed to be honest about what is going on in their life. However, I understand from first-hand experience how uncomfortable people get when discussing having a substance abuse disorder or being in recovery.

Many people will immediately change the subject. Others say things like, “Well, you’re all better now.” Which only indicates they do not understand abuse or recovery at all.

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