Dead Giveaways: 15 Things You Do That Scream Out ”I’m Insecure!”

Are you here to ensure that you don’t do anything on this list? According to an online forum, that act — in and of itself — is an insecurity. Nevertheless, I’d click too. Here are several other things they determined to scream out your insecurity. Do you agree?

1. When You Can Dish It Out but Can’t Take It

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Are you someone who likes to tease others and give people a hard time in the name of “fun?” You’re not alone. However, an inability to handle it when anyone flips it back at you is telling, and it says: “I’m insecure!” Numerous people note these folks tend to be crybabies.

2. Ridiculing Others’ Goals and Achievements

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Ridiculing other people’s goals and achievements is an obvious sign of insecurity and a jerk thing to do. A forum member elaborates: “In my career, I’ve seen so many people who lack the ambition to better themselves attempt to belittle or discourage others for having ambitions and trying to improve themselves because it makes the lazy and inept feel threatened and insecure.”

3. Ridiculing Other Peoples’ Suffering

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“Ridiculing other people’s suffering, usually by trying to top it or dismiss it. Can we just listen to people when they’re having a hard time? Shared experiences are different than one upsmanship.”

4. Never Apologizing

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“Never apologizing. Some people will twist the story, change the way it happened, and retell it so convincingly that they’ll believe their own nonsense but will never apologize.”

5. Inability to Take Input From Others

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In terms of leadership, it’s when someone can’t (or won’t) take input from the rest of their team and tries to act like they have all the answers. I was this type of insecure leader once, and I thought that if I used the idea of someone with less experience, everyone would think I was a weak leader.”

6. Always Having Something Negative to Say About Good Things

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“Always having something negative to say when something good happens to someone else. For example, ‘Oh, you’re going to hate that new job’ or ‘You should have done X instead.’ Just be happy that someone else is happy!”

7. Insulting Your Friends to Be Cool

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“Insulting your friend in front of others to be cool. Went through this about two years ago. Spent what was supposed to be a fun game night with my friend and some of his friends being made fun of and put down for three hours.

Not only by my friend but also by his friends, whom I had never met. I refuse to go to his game nights after that. I don’t need to be put down and ridiculed and be called stupid by some jerks for an evening, no thanks.”

8. Overtaking Situations to Be the Victim

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“Taking a situation that was never about you or had you involved in it and somehow making it all about yourself and playing the victim —even though you had meddled in it and made yourself the” victim.”

9. Explaining Your Intelligence

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“One with your intellect just cannot comprehend the astute difference of my mental superiority — People that brag about their IQ are insufferable. Sometimes, I question whether they’re as bright as they say they are.” People who brag about their IQ scores are also insecure.

10. Being Loud and Domineering

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“Being loud and domineering in every conversation. I am currently dealing with a coworker like this. He doesn’t seem to have an inside voice.” Others argue that excitable people are also loud; as one of those loud people, I concur.

11. Seeking Constant Validation and Reassurance

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“Seeking constant validation or reassurance: If a person constantly seeks validation or reassurance from others, it could be a sign that they are insecure and unsure of themselves.”

12. Overcompensating

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“Overcompensating: Someone who is insecure may try to overcompensate by boasting or exaggerating their achievements or abilities.”

13. Being Overly Critical of Themselves

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“Being overly critical of themselves or others: Insecurity can sometimes lead to excessively criticizing oneself or others.”

14. Being Overly Defensive

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“Being overly defensive: If a person becomes defensive or reactive when their beliefs or actions are questioned, it could be a sign of insecurity.”

15. Gossiping and Triangulation

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“Gossiping and triangulation. Talking about someone they have issues with, to other people, without addressing the issue directly with the person with whom they have a problem screams insecurity.”

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