12 Things People Suggest Everyone Should Do at Hotels. Do You?

Is there something that you do in a hotel room that you’d never do at home? You’ve got company. Someone recently polled an online forum about what things they do, and here are their best confessions.

1. Check the Sheets for Bugs

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Hopefully, checking the sheets for bed bugs is not something you need to do at home. However, forty-thousand travelers admit to always checking the hotel bedding. One informs others that you need to check under the fitted sheet. Furthermore, if the bed has a wooden frame, scope out the crevasses in the wood, any holes, and around the joints.

2. Stealing the Soap

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“I don’t typically steal my own soap,” one confesses. However, numerous others confirm that it isn’t technically stealing because the price of the soap is built into the cost of your room. Unless, of course, your, Ross Geller, and you are hijacking housekeeping carts. Beware of shampoo explosions in your luggage!

3. Use All of the Towels

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Do you use all of the towels when you check in? A housekeeper made me and the rest of the thread gag when they admitted that any unused towels do not get switched out. As they put it, “You’re wiping your face with a washcloth that was hanging in the bathroom while the last four guests took massive poos in there.

The comforter is also only washed if it’s obviously soiled or once a year if they actually keep up on it.” Others argue that they cleaned hotels that stripped all beds and cleaned all towels, so I guess it is hit or miss.

4. Putting Up With Noise

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On a more annoying note, have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing 3:00 am noise from a bunch of loud strangers galloping down the halls? Consider yourself fortunate if not. A jokester suggests it’s terrible to deal with at home, “Especially if you live alone.”

5. Leave Dirty Towels on the Floor

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Leaving dirty towels on the floor is something everyone does when staying in hotels. But a lot fewer people have that habit you have at home.

6. Not Make the Bed

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Do you make the bed while staying in hotels? Most people do not. However, numerous admit to faithfully making beds at home.

7. Eat In Bed

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Another activity people suggest they only do at hotels, but never in their homes, is eating in bed. Multiple users enjoy when they have rooms with double queen-sized beds—one for eating and one for sleeping.

8. Jump on the Bed

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Ten thousand big kids admit the first thing they do when they get into their hotel rooms is to jump on the bed. People in their thirties, forties, and fifties insist it’s the first rule of visiting any hotel.

9. Watch Cable TV

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Do you still have cable television? Numerous audiences don’t. So they take advantage of flipping through the channels in their hotels. From watching Forensic Files to Cartoon Network, one thing everyone agreed on was they are reminded quickly why they no longer have cable. Way too many ads.

10. Sleep

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Have you experienced a better night’s sleep when lodging elsewhere? Many in the forum agree they get great sleep when staying in hotels.

11. Turn Up the Air Conditioner

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The first thing over seven thousand people do when they get into their room turns the air conditioning all the way up. One notes they aren’t paying for it at home but will take full advantage in a hotel, even leaving it on through the night.

12. Leave a Message

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Finally, one user suggests they write “get out” using a thin layer of soap on the bathroom mirror. That way, when the next person uses the shower and it fogs up, they’ll believe there’s a poltergeist with them.

Source: Reddit.

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