12 Things Younger People Love That Gen X and Boomers Do Not Understand

Is there anything that Zoomers love that you do not understand? You’ve got company. After someone polled an online community for examples of said things, here are THEIR top confessions.

1. Filming Everyday Things

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Filming every aspect of your life, including grocery shopping, working out, and everything in between, is something the older generations will never understand. We cared too much about privacy and grew up in a time when we knew what that meant.

2. Prank Videos

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Have you caught yourself scrolling stupid prank videos in your social media feeds? It’s widespread and something Gen X and Boomers tend to think is pretty stupid. Some are hurtful, and others have caused the pranksters to get hurt, even shot. So what is the point?

3. Public TikTok Dancing

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Have you ever been out and about in the real world and spotted Zoomers publicly dancing for TikTok? For example, in the aisles of grocery stores, malls, and even behind the wheel while driving. How they post these and don’t get in trouble for reckless endangerment, I don’t understand.

4. Filming Yourself Crying

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Recording yourself crying is a strange thing. One best explains: “I saw one the other day of a girl holding her pet snake that died, and she’s crying like she just discovered it. Like, she found her dead snake, set up a tripod with her camera/phone, then got the angle right, recorded herself crying with the dead snake, then edited it with captions about her dead snake and put sad music over it.

It’s kind of gross when you think about it. She’s looking for sympathy, and in reality, if you’re doing all that, the snake obviously is less important than your likes on social media.”

5. Sharing Crimes Online

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Did you know that people post about their criminal activity online? Someone shares: “I work in the courts, and a guy on felony probation for guns, actively fighting a new gun case, posted a video of himself with all his guns minutes after posting about selling pills on Facebook. Like, bro, you aren’t even trying to hide it.”

6. Filming Random Strangers for Online Clout

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Another thing Boomers and Gen X don’t understand is why Zoomers film random strangers without consent to make fun of them online — all for internet clout—additionally, uploading all the “Karen” videos to humiliate people with mental illness.

7. Obsession With Mental Illness

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“Declaring everything is a result of a mental illness. Sometimes people are just jerks,” suggests one. Others mention how often terms like “Narcissist” and “Gaslighting” are misused today. Finally, self-diagnosis as an excuse for bad behavior without seeking help or introspection is unfavored.

8. Influencers

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Social media celebrities, or influencers, are a younger generation phenomenon, and older gens don’t get it. A user writes, “They want you to buy or consume something that makes them money. They don’t actually want you to use XYZ products because it’s amazing. They want money.”

9. Watching Gaming Streams

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My toddler loves watching people play Super Mario games, and I don’t understand it. As one states, “Watching your older brother hog the controller instead of being able to play yourself was considered torture when I grew up.” Same. My sister and I waiting for our turn on the Original NES was torture!

10. Facetiming

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What is the younger generation’s obsession with Facetiming? My teenager always hits me with Facetime instead of calling. It’s obnoxious. I agree with one who says, “Unless you have to show me something, I prefer not to show my face on the screen.”

11. Selfies

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Millennials and Zoomers are called out for their “Selfie” lifestyles as something the older Gens aren’t into — moreover when you post multiple selfies a day.

12. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) Videos

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Why do Zoomers enjoy watching people eat things for the purpose of ASMR? One user adds, “Especially if it’s close to someone’s mouth (chewing, especially).” I concur.

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