10 Really Creepy and Toxic Relationships People Romanticize As Perfect Love Stories

Are there any couples from history that you think have been unfairly romanticized when really, they are toxic and even creepy? You’re not alone. After someone asked an online entertainment forum for examples of these “perfect love stories,” here is what they had to say.

1. Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
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Does this constitute as creepy? It’s voted number one. Did you know that Prince Charles was in love with a woman named Camilla but forbidden to marry her? Diana “ticked the right boxes” and was only 19 when she married Charles, who was 32.

Everyone celebrated their engagement and wedding as a “total fairy tale romance.” However, Charles spent their union having an affair with Camilla, to who he is now married. And unfortunately, Diana spent it miserably “depressed and bulimic.” Nothing romantic about it.

2. Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
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Did you know that Priscilla Presley was only fourteen when she met and eventually married the twenty-four-year-old Elvis? One explains that it is creepy but was “par for the course” in the 1960s South. He married her, so nobody cared. People romanticized their love as he went off to war, but he was a child groomer. Nothing romantic about that.

3. The Joker and Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Joker
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The Joker and Harley Quinn (shown here from Suicide Squad) are the definitions of a toxic and unhealthy relationship. However, people have romanticized their crazy and packaged them as ride-or-die love.

Many users note that the joint couple’s Facebook accounts usually post hundreds of toxic memes glorifying their relationship. Additionally, some people had been to Harley and Joker-themed weddings that involved unhealthy couples. No one was surprised.

4. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Twilight Edward and Bella
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Awe, man, they hit me right in the Twilight. I love the series so much, but sadly, it’s true. Edward Cullen is a 104-year-old vampire who frequently matriculates and falls in love with a 17-year-old teenager in high school, who he watches sleep. And if that wasn’t creepy enough. Jacob Black imprints on Edward and Bella’s baby, Ratotoulie. 

5. Ross Geller and Rachel Green

Friends Ross and Rachel
Image Credit: NBC.

Could the internet BE any more annoying? Come on, quit ruining all my shows. Ross and Rachel from Friends made this list as a toxic example of what not to do in a relationship. One explains they dated for a season, sabotaged each other’s other romantic relationships for eight seasons, had a baby, and didn’t get back together for two more seasons. 

6. Céline Dion and René Angélil

Image Credit: Deposit Photos – s_bukley.

One person suggests that Céline Dion and her late husband René Angélil’s relationship was “extremely creepy.” She was 12, and he was 36 when they met. Despite being married for 22 years, people acknowledge this as grooming and note how disturbing it is. One states, “The fact she’s never been with any other man in her life and still chooses to stay faithful to him even after he died is creepy.”

7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divided the world with Team Aniston and Team Jolie fans after having an affair and breaking up Pitt’s marriage to Aniston. However, several years, children and adopted children later, Brad was revealed as an abusive drunk, and Jolie-Pitt filed to become Jolie again.

8. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet

Romeo and Juliet by John Massey Wright
Image Credit: John Massey Wright – Wiki Commons.

People have romanticized the relationship between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. However, she was a 13-year-old girl, and they had only known each other for a month. Also, being willing to end your life over someone doesn’t scream “healthy relationship,” according to one critic. 

9. Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun

The Notebook
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun from The Notebook are called out by many as being in a toxic relationship and not romantic. Noah hangs from the Ferris wheel and says he will hang there until she agrees to go out with him. One explains, “It’s that weird, cringy old-timey idea of ‘chase a girl/pursue her any way possible, and she can’t say no.'”

10. Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s lives have sparked several successful Conjuring films that, according to one, painted them in a heroic Christian light. However, their personal life was not at all picture-perfect. Ed had a thing for underage girls, moved his underage girlfriend Judy Penney into the home, then had a daughter with Lorraine and named her Judy. 

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Elvis and Priscilla Presley
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