RUN! 20 Types of Men Women Go Out of Their Way to Avoid

Phew. Until jumping into an online forum discussing the different types of men women go out of their way to avoid, I had no idea there were at least twenty. Did you? After browsing the thread, here is how the forum responded.

1. The Men Who Won’t Take No for an Answer

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Despite the constant portrayals of men being pushy and not taking no for an answer and then ultimately getting the girl, these women are not impressed. “It’s called not respecting boundaries, and it’s creepy, wrong, and infuriating.

2. The Men Who Cheat

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We’ve all the expression, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” And the women in this forum agree with the sentiment. After being cheated on, several discuss never dating a man with a history of cheating.

3. The Men Who Play Devil’s Advocate

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Come on. You know this guy. The devil’s advocate is the man who insists upon arguing everything, regardless of what their beliefs are on an issue. He’s someone who, without logic or reason, backs up stupid ideas he doesn’t even agree with to spark controversy.

4. The Men Who Call Women “Females.”

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Numerous women confess to avoiding men who call women “females.” These women would avoid me, too, as I’ve always used the term without meaning any offense.

Nonetheless, someone in the thread explains that we don’t use that term because it reduces a person to their gender and is “only useful and acceptable in things like academic studies.” Women also voice not like being called “chicks.”

5. The Men Whose Actions Don’t Align With Their Words

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words,” and the women in this forum mean it. Nothing is more unattractive than a man who says one thing but does or doesn’t do another.

6. The Men Whose Exes “Are All Crazy.”

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A woman confesses that when she hears, “All of my exes are crazy,” it makes her run from the common denominator. Unfortunately, countless others can relate to this tale as old as time.

7. The Men Who Are Unhygienic

Unhygienic Men armpit smell
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Multiple women came to the comments to complain about men who are dirty and smell. One clarifies, “He doesn’t have to smell good enough to eat, but he does have to bathe regularly.”

8. The Men Who Like Women for Their “Quiet Strength.”

man yelling at woman fight
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A forum member confesses, “The idea that a woman is strong based on how much she can tolerate and endure is ‘quiet strength.’ So they aren’t impressed by what women can do or by them having a strong sense of self or anything; it seems they are only impressed by how much suffering you can withstand before breaking down or something. It’s creepy.”

9. The Men Who Never Stop Working

man workaholic
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“Yeah, the career one is a big one for me. I like guys who have found something they love, but not when what they love is just chasing money and status over people.” Several women agree with this sentiment.

10. The Men Who Live To Mansplain

annoyed woman mansplaining
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Mansplaining is a term that’s become more prevalent in recent years. However, I laughed out loud reading one woman’s confession about her friend that recently told her a new way to say this — “Correctile dysfunction.” Yoink!

11. The Men Who Are Big Mama’s Boys

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Numerous women agree that men who love their mothers are incredible. However, women don’t love it when men tell their mothers everything about their relationship or have to make plans around them. It feels like you’re dating her too, and nobody likes or welcomes that unhealthiness.

12. The Men Who Make Sports Their Entire Personality

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Men who make sports their entire personality are a massive turn-off to many women in the forum. One clarifies that she doesn’t mean if they go skydiving regularly and mention it in conversation. Instead, she suggests it’s the guys who “worship Tom Brady and don’t even play a sport themselves” that she avoids.

13. The Men Who Don’t Treat Servers With Respect

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“Guys who don’t treat their server with the utmost respect.” This woman clarifies that it speaks to the type of man you are if you can’t respect people serving you.

14. The Men Who Laugh at Others Getting Hurt

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“Men who only find humor in people getting hurt” is another common theme in the forum. I can’t help but think of that show Ridiculousness and imagine a man who only laughed at others’ misfortunes all of the time. It’s not an attractive look. 

15. The Men Who Can’t Control Their Anger

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Men with anger management issues are a type to avoid because they are dangerous men. Countless women have experiences where men have become violent with them, and it’s an unhealthy and abusive dynamic.

16. The Men Who Are Lazy

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Lazy men were called out repeatedly in the discussion. It’s the consensus of many that women do not want to take care of a man who refuses to take care of himself.

17. The Men Who Remain Ignorant

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Ignorance is an umbrella term in the thread that means the men who are homophobic, bigots, sexists, racists, and those who stop listening and learning because they’ve determined they are always right and know-it-all.

18. The Men Who Constantly Talk About Being “A Nice Guy.”

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It’s the consensus of these women and every woman that I know that if a man has to go about what a nice guy he is, he is anything but. These men are manipulative and act as though they are entitled to things due to their “kindness.”

19. The Men Who Make Politics Their Entire Identity

angry American patriot politics
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Men that make their entire personality about politics are the absolute worst. You can always depend on them to be angry under the guise of “patriotism.” You can’t hold any conversation with them that doesn’t trigger them if you disagree with whichever side of the political agenda they claim.

Listening to them regurgitate their Fox News or CNN extremes as if it’s their own independent thought is a major turn-off to the women in this group.

20. The Men Who Think The Term “Feminist” Is an Insult.

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Finally, according to several women, “Anyone who uses the term feminist as an insult. That’s all it takes. Not even going to bother elaborating on men who want to be a part of the ‘Menist’ movement or men who would say period pain or childbirth is just women being dramatic ‘as usual.’

If you think feminism or equity is unnecessary, rest assured you’re not a friend of mine.”

Source: Reddit.

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