15 Disgustingly Unattractive Things Men Cannot Stand That Women Do

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Are there any habits or things you find unattractive about people? You’ve got a company. Men recently took to an online forum to discuss the “grossly unattractive things” women do. But, of course, these are not my opinions before you come at me in the comments.

1. When They Lie

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After people suggested lying, one user shared, “Yep! I dated a girl years ago who would lie to people, including her parents, right in front of me for no reason.

She just enjoyed it. I was too naive, though, to think she would do that to me until one of her lies to me was exposed when I brought something up to her mother she had told me a couple of days earlier. Her mother was like what on earth are you talking about, sweetie? After that, I couldn’t trust her, and we broke up a few weeks later.”

2. When They Are Rude to Loved Ones and Service

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“Be rude to my friends and loved ones for no reason.” However, many argued about being rude to anyone, period! Others noted being rude to server staff before one said, “Being rude to people not in a position to defend themself. Very uncool!”

3. When They Trash-Talk Friends

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Several men in the thread agreed that women who talk trash about their friends are seriously unattractive. Some argued that it’s not cut and dry before one said, “Yeah, it all had to come down to how nasty someone is if it’s a joking jab. Fine.

But if they are saying horrible things about someone that’s supposed to be their friend. Huge turn-off. I’d immediately start trying to devise a way to break up.”

4. When They Do Not Reciprocate Demands

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“Unreciprocated demands, or demands that she would not agree to,” one man explained. ‘You’re not allowed to talk to other girls on social media’ – okay, so why are you talking to other guys on social media yourself?

The golden rule of thumb in a relationship is if you ever make a demand, it has to be something you would agree with if demanded of you. Nothing is more unattractive than someone who wants control, not a relationship.”

5. When They Wear Long Fake Fingernails

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One man specified, “Having two-inch-long fake fingernails,” while others agreed that long, fake nails are unattractive to them. Another stated, “They look ugly, and watching them try and work around having them is just awkward to watch. Plus, as personal experience, I’ve never met a woman with those nails that wouldn’t also fall under the heading of high maintenance.”

6. When They Lack Empathy

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Many men in the thread found that a lack of empathy, care, or concern for others, would be a significant turn-off. One semi-jokingly stated, “This, all this, and especially this part.”

7. When They Are Involved In Any Part of an MLM

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Another thing men noted as being unattractive is being in any part of a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM). One man joked, “But she’s a business owner,” before another replied, “Yeah, total boss babe, I get it….” For those not in the know, MLMs are scamitty scam, scam, scams.

8. When They Fit the Karen Stereotypes

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Nobody wanted any part of being with a woman demonstrating “Karen stereotypes.” One expressed, “I don’t want to be in that kind of relationship. It would be annoying, embarrassing, and lead to such a toxic relationship.”

9. When They Are Intellectually Non-Curious

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Many men in the thread found being intellectually non-curious unattractive. One noted, “I’m attracted to smarty pants,” while a second shared, “Was dating this girl, was talking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki to a friend, and she asked what kind of sushi that was. She was 28 years old with a bachelor’s degree.”

10. When They Chew Tobacco

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“Chewing tobacco,” shared one. “Believe it or not, I’ve seen many women in Florida chewing. Florida can conjure images of beaches and palm trees, but the state’s interior can be a Redneckian hellscape.

I traveled from South Florida to the Tampa area and went through Holopaw. I pulled up to a 7-11 type store and noticed this pretty-looking blonde hanging at the front. I walked by and said hello, but she had to spit dip to clear her mouth before responding. YUCK!”

11. When They Play Mind Games

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Numerous men believe that women playing mind games are seriously unattractive. Some confess to intentionally failing their “little mind games” to prove their point that “they ain’t chasing you.”

12. When They Are Obsessed With Themselves

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Women obsessed with themselves and their appearance are a major turn-off to the men in this forum. So this covers influencers who insist on interrupting life to take pictures and obsessively post about things instead of being present in them.

13. When They Neglect Their Children

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Countless men find women who neglect their children for their own needs, or those of men, unattractive. Although, one man notes that postpartum depression is a real thing. So there is no intentional discrimination there.

14. When They Throw Tantrums Like a Toddler Instead of Communicating

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No man wants to put up with a woman who can’t communicate her feelings and instead throws tantrums like a toddler. Someone gives the example of being sophisticated one moment, then full-on gangster mumbling rap the next when they hear something like, “Sorry, ma’am, we’re out of coconut milk for your latte.”

15. When They Are Constantly Complaining

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Finally, one man clarifies he can’t handle being around a woman who spends all her time complaining. “I’m not a psychologist, and it is just draining to be around constant negativity.”

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