Underrated Pleasures: 14 Things That People Seriously Take for Granted

Can you think of any underrated pleasures that you enjoy immensely? For example, after seeing my husband’s response to having his forearms rubbed, I asked for reciprocation, and whoa — it feels amazing. Of all of the places to want a massage, my forearms wouldn’t have been my first, second, or even third pick — until now.

Someone recently asked an online community for examples of said pleasures. Here are their top-voted confessions. Do you agree?

1. A Q-Tip in the Ear

Q-tip in the ear
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There’s nothing quite like getting out of the shower and running a Q-tip through your ear canal. Numerous forum members agree with it as a seriously underrated pleasure.

2. The First Bite

eating off fork
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The first bite of a warm meal is another pleasure that many people admit to enjoying. I am one of them, and my husband calls me bougie for it. I need my food piping hot.

3. Getting Into Nature

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“We keep looking for pleasure when it’s right below our feet,” one asks, “Ever tried walking barefoot on the grass? It’s like the entire day just melted. Touch a bark of a mature tree and appreciate its wisdom and strength.

Just a walk in the woods, touching a leaf, the sheer presence of nature gives you all the pleasure, calmness, and oneness that’s slowly fading from our busy lives.” I agree that nature is important. The ocean and the sand are wonderful for the senses and centering yourself.

4. The Rarity of Peace and Quiet

lips are sealed quiet
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Peace and quiet are heavily revered as a great pleasure. A thread contributor mentions that silence is golden “When you can find it.” After spending eight months surrounded by 100 people all day, I value my alone time too.

5. Hot Running Water

hot shower
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Having hot running water is a luxury that many people around the globe don’t have. It’s absolutely a pleasure that people take for granted. I love what one user says about the experience, “Nothing beats the feeling of becoming a human teabag in a hot shower.” However, running water, in general, is also a blessing.

6. Sneezing

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How many times have you gotten that tingling sensation that alerts you that a sneeze is coming and then have it disappear before coming to fruition? Ugh, it is one of the worst feelings. However, when it releases as God intended, it is delectable.

7. Clear Breathing

deep breathing
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Do you know that terrible feeling of only being able to breathe through one nostril? Or worse, open mouth breathing when both clog. Well, the opposite feeling of breathing through both nostrils freely is a pleasure countless individuals are grateful for in the forum.

8. Air Conditioning

air conditioning
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Lord, yes. As a lifelong resident of Washington State, I didn’t need air conditioning as a kid. However, the last decade has been hotter and hotter, and there are times when Washingtonians use window units. Now I am on the east coast, where I learned about central air. The homes here have built-in air conditioning because without it is unmanageable.

9. Swallowing

sore throat
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Moreover, swallowing without having a sore throat. As someone rightly points out, “When you have a sore throat, you realize how often you swallow and how you just take it for granted.”

10. That First Sip

happy man with coffee
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Countless people agree that the first sip of delicious, hot coffee in the morning is a pleasure insurmountable. Some insist without it, they are unable to function the rest of the day. While I enjoy an iced coffee that tastes like straight sugar, the smell of fresh brewing coffee is its own enjoyment.

11. Peeling Protective Plastic

excited woman yes
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Numerous forum members enjoy the feeling of peeling that protective layer of plastic from new things. I immediately envision the thin film on my microwave that I didn’t realize was there forever and then the joy of peeling it.

12. Receiving Compliments

men hands over heart
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I had not thought of this, but it makes sense. One person explains, “Compliments. Whether they be from friends or strangers, especially on a really tough day, they make everything better.”

13. Drinking Ice Cold Carbonated Beverages

drinking soda
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Yes. The feeling of that first sip of an ice-cold carbonated beverage is as refreshing as it can get. I love it so much that I will put a can of soda in the back of the freezer for ten minutes before drinking it. It’s perfect on an overwhelmingly hot day.

14. Getting Into New Sheets

woman in bed
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Slipping into a freshly made bed with new sheets is an underrated pleasure many people in the thread agree on. Someone clarifies, “First night of sleep on clean sheets hits differently!”


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