15 Things People Describe as Healthy, but Are Actually Unhealthy

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What is something people describe as healthy but it’s actually unhealthy? After someone asked an online forum for their best examples, people flooded the comment section with these top picks.

1. Detox and Cleanse Regimens

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“Anytime someone says they’re doing some detox thing. I get unreasonably annoyed. It’s such a scam. Your organs already detox. Just give your liver a break from all the alcohol and let it do its job,” one confesses. Several people in the forum admit that all those things do is make you poo non-stop, which is not good.

2. Round the Clock Cannabis Consumption

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“Now I won’t say it’s particularly unhealthy,” one explains, “But the pro-weed crowd acts like it is a miracle drug with no downsides. The fact of the matter is it does cause anxiety and delusional episodes in some people.” It’s true and annoying.

Yes. It absolutely has medicinal value. But if you are smoking it all day, every day, that is not medicinal. It’s addiction. The fact some people honestly believe you cannot be addicted to it is also obnoxious and denial. I’m not against cannabis consumption, but stop acting like it cures everything.

One adds, “It’s objectively unhealthy to inhale burning vegetation and ash. I don’t know where people have gotten the idea that says otherwise.”

3. “Healthy” Fruit Juices

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“Most ‘healthy branded juices’ a lot of them contain more sugar than the average soda. So do your research before buying these products, or invest in a juicer,” suggests one.

Another adds, “Even the ones with “no sugar added” have an insane amount of sugar. So iSo it turns out that when you take something like fruit that’s maybe 10% sugar and 90% fiber, then remove all the fiber, you end up with a drink that’s mostly just sugar.”

4. Constant “Venting.”

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“Complaining about every possible thing and calling it venting,” recalls one. Countless people agree that if you have to vent and complain daily, you are likely constantly angry and anxious. “I’ve been working on gratitude myself. I think that’s the counter to that.”

5. Wine Culture for Moms

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“Wine culture for moms,” one states. “I’m not picking on women. I’m talking about how we, as a culture, push wine culture versus addressing the root problem of how overwhelmed and alone moms are.”

6. Beer Culture for Dads

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On the flip side, celebrating beer culture for dads is equally unhealthy. Someone suggests, “It’s funny how we celebrate functioning alcoholics like it’s no big deal.”

7. Açaí Bowls and Smoothies

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Açaí has many health benefits and is relatively low in sugar. However, açaí bowls and smoothies with sugary add-ins aren’t healthy, no matter how much they appear on places such as Pinterest. They are beautiful, no doubt. But they aren’t healthy.

8. “Fat-Free.”

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“Fat-free,” explains one. “This term usually hides the fact that it’s fattening. Fat-free? I think you mean, We took the fat out of this product, so it tastes bad. To counter this, we’ve put excessive sugar in this product.”

9. “The Grind.”

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“I can totally accept the grind if you’re doing something that you really want and is specifically beneficial to you, like putting in early mornings and late nights at the cake shop that is your dream to own and run by yourself,” one says.

“But the grind in a corporate setting is just disgusting. The company will not remember that you choose to attend a daily SCRUM meeting over being present for the birth of your child, nor will they ever reward you for such behavior.”

10. Most Yogurts

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I remember thinking I was “eating healthy” by eating a daily Yoplait. However, many types of yogurt contain high amounts of added sugar, especially those labeled as low-fat.

11. Having Perfectly White Teeth

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“Having perfectly white teeth. It’s not a sign of healthy, but scrubbed, chemically treated or outright sanded teeth,” one claims. “Agreed,” states another. “Just make sure your teeth aren’t rotting, and you’re fine. Teeth aren’t meant to be pure white.”

12. Toxic Positivity

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You’ve heard of toxic people who are negative all of the time. However, many users in the forum suggest that toxic positivity is equally terrible. Someone explains, “I consider them socially accepted sociopaths. They lack empathy but hide it behind the ‘positive vibes only’ mantra.”

13. Eating Keto

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Countless users agree that eating Keto is not a healthy or sustainable diet. It doesn’t matter if somehow you’re losing weight. High fat and animal protein clog arteries and raise cholesterol. My father had quadruple bypass surgery at age 44.

He attributed it to his mother’s cooking everything in bacon grease, amongst other things, such as a fast food diet. It’s weird to think that some Keto folks honestly believe fruits and some vegetables are bad for them but have no problem eating steak wrapped in bacon with a side of shrimp and a pound of cheese.

14. Chiropractic Adjustments

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“NEVER EVER LET THEM TOUCH YOUR NECK,” shouts one. “They can and have caused strokes, paralysis, and vision changes.” They further suggest that you are better off seeing a physical therapist because they know what they’re doing and can teach you how to improve your body by strengthening it.

15. Running Marathons

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Finally, one states, “Running marathons, especially ultramarathons,” are not as healthy as promoted. “Running is obviously good for your health overall but can be unhealthy at extreme distances and cause the body to break down. The whole story of Marathon was once the runner got back to Athens, he gave his message and promptly died.”

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