11 Universal Truths About Women That Men Didn’t Know Until Dating One

Are there any universal truths about women that you learned late in the game? You’re not alone. Recently, a man surveyed a men’s forum about things they never knew about women until dating one. Here are their best responses.

1. They Shed a Lot of Hair

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The amount of hair that falls everywhere is the number one-voted revelation men only unearthed after living with a woman. Numerous men share stories of finding hair in unwanted places before one explains, “It’s clear to me now that women’s hair strands seek world domination.” Another user replies, “The shower drain is a war crime.”

2. They Share Way Too Many Details

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According to those in this thread, women share way more details with their friends than men, including intimate details better left unshared. One admits he has a platonic girlfriend who has shared so much information about her other friends that he is mindful of telling her anything.

3. They Take Up King Size Beds

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Do you share a king-sized bed with a petite woman who still manages to take up the whole thing? You’re not alone. Many men confess their five-feet wives like to sleep diagonally, right in the middle of the bed.

4. They Shower In Water at the Temperature of Molten Steel

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Numerous men admit their wives enjoy hot showers that “burn her skin off in every shower like a lizard shedding its skin.” One adds that his wife made him turn up the temperature on the water heater to accommodate her scalding preferences.

5. They Have Expensive Underwear

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Men reply they had no idea how expensive bras were until entering a relationship with a woman. One admits he thought you could pick up a 4-pack at Target for less than $10. No. And the cheap ones are terrible, uncomfortable, and not supportive.

6. They Have a List of Side Effects for Their Birth Control

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Did you know that birth control has a lengthy list of terrible side effects? The men in this forum had no idea. One man volunteers that his girlfriend’s mood changed completely, and she opted to get off it after six months. Another’s wife had a sobbing experience that caused them to decide it wasn’t worth it.

7. They Have a Lotion for Every Body Part

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This one made me laugh out loud, but it’s true. Women are heavily advertised to with an insane amount of lotions and creams for every part of their epidermis. One properly adds that it’s not just for every body part but for every season and time of day too.

8. They Just Want You To Listen

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A husband shares that women don’t want you to solve their problems when they share them. Instead, they want you to listen and “sympathize with their plight.” He warns regardless of if you have a solution, you need to keep it to yourself and allow her to vent her frustration and emotions.

9. They Are Heat Vampires

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Does your wife suck the heat right out of you in bed? You’ve got company. One man suggests that women store it up for about 25 years, then a strange reversal happens, and they are “abominable snow creatures looking for artic lands.” Additionally, all women seem to have cold hands, noses, and bums.

10. They Are the Only Ones Who Properly Load Dishwashers

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Numerous men in the thread confess they’ve never loaded a dishwasher properly. This one made me laugh out loud because I know a couple like this. I, however, have no qualms. You’re loading it? Yes, please.

11. They Have Horrible Period Cramps

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Finally, many men share stories about not realizing how bad women’s periods, including cramps, can be. Did you know all these things? Got anything to add to the list?

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