10 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries From History That Will Keep You Up at Night

Are there any disturbing unsolved mysteries that kept you up thinking about all the possible guilty parties? You’re not alone. Someone recently asked a true crime online forum for examples of unsolved mysteries from history. Here is what they had to say.

1. The Cleveland Torso Murderer

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The Cleveland Torso Murderer, also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, was never identified or apprehended. He was an active serial killer in Cleveland, Ohio, during the 1930s, who dismembered twelve people and left their torsos for people to find. Only three victims were identifiable. The killer taunted the famous lead detective on the case, Eliot Ness.

2. The Axeman of New Orleans

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Wow. I had no idea that this story touched on in American Horror Story: Coven had any real implications. The Axeman of New Orleans was an unidentified American serial killer active in New Orleans, Louisiana, from May 1918 to October 1919.

Because the majority of victims were Italian immigrants or Italian Americans, people speculate the crimes were racially motivated. He killed six people with an axe or razor blade. However, one points out their surprise upon learning six victims survived their injuries.

3. The West Mesa Bone Collector

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The West Mesa Bone Collector is an unidentified serial killer mainly targeting young Hispanic girls. A 15-year-old runaway was the only African American victim of eleven girls aged 15-32. A woman walking her dog in February 2009 discovered a bone that led to the discovery of the 11 victims, but the killer has never been found.

4. The Setagaya Family Murder

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On December 30th, 2000, in Setagaya, Tokyo, an unidentified killer broke into the Miyazawa family’s home and brutally murdered a family of four, including a six and eight-year-old. Afterward, the killer remained in the home for two to ten hours. He spent time on their computer, rummaging through paperwork, eating food, using their toilet, and even napping in their home.

5. The Hinterkaifeck Murders

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One woman confesses that the Hinterkaifeck murders always freaked her out. She’s read a lot about it and believes it was probably a neighbor. “But the creepy part is that the killer was probably living or hiding in the attic for multiple days beforehand.”

On March 31, 1922, an unknown assailant murdered six people at a small Bavarian farmstead north of Munich, Germany. He lived with the six corpses for three days.

6. The Case of Adam

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The Case of Adam — comes from London in the United Kingdom. Adam is an unidentified torso found in the River Thames on September 21st, 2001. Adam was a child likely from southwestern Nigeria, estimated to be between four and eight years old. Investigators speculate he was trafficked to London for a muti (murder for body parts) South African ritual sacrifice.

7. The Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

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The Beaumont Children are three Australian siblings who disappeared in 1966, ages nine, seven, and four. To this day, they’ve not found the suspect or remains of the children and have dug up numerous foundations of houses and sheds. There is a $1 million reward for information related to the cold case of the South Australian government.

8. The Murder of Robert Eric Wone

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Peacock recently released a documentary about this mystery called Who Killed Robert Wone? It’s a bizarre story that has more questions than answers. However, the gist seems to be that he was possibly injected with a paralytic agent, restrained, sexually assaulted, and stabbed to death by three of his friends. The documentary is gripping but leaves you frustrated. 

9. The Ibadan Forest of Horror in Nigeria

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The Ibadan Forest of Horror in Nigeria. After a local taxi driver went missing, his friends created a makeshift search party to investigate a forest. However, they never found their friend. Instead, they uncovered an abandoned building with evidence of torture and ritual killings. Twenty-three survivors were rescued among decaying corpses and their personal effects.

According to Wiki, “The activities that occurred in the forest are believed to have been coordinated by unknown kidnappers and ritualists in the state who are often patronized by some affluent Nigerians and politicians who use human flesh for rituals.”

10. The Yogurt Shop Murders

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The Yogurt Shop Murders occurred in Austin, Texas, in December 1991. Four teenage girls aged 13 to 17 were murdered, and the suspect has never been identified. Around midnight, a police officer noticed a fire in the building.

However, they ultimately discovered the four bodies of these teenage girls. A couple had been sexually assaulted, and they all had been shot in the head. One notes that it’s been the subject of a couple of episodes on 48 Hours. Furthermore, a book details the case: Who Killed These Girls? by Beverly Lowry.

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