12 Surprising Things People Confessed to Being Sexy

Is there something that isn’t typically considered sexy but you find attractive? For example, I love my husband’s armpit. I’m talking, laying all up in his deodorant and stink, and I think it’s the sexiest thing ever. Am I the only one? My husband thinks I’m a “weirdo.” Nonetheless, after someone asked the internet for other examples, these are the top-voted confessions.

1. A Prominent Nose

The number-one-voted response was a prominent nose. One explained, “I like a prominent nose, unlike an aquiline nose or a big schnoz. I don’t know, prominent. High bridge of the nose. Dominant facial feature. Hard to explain. I find a good nose attractive.”

2. Crows Feet

“Crow’s feet,” shared one. “When a middle-aged woman smiles, the tiny wrinkles at the corner of her eyes reflect all the smiles she’s ever had, and I love it.” A second admitted, “Came here to say the same. You’ve put it beautifully. I love crows feet and smile wrinkles around lips too. I find peach fuzz of any color cute as well.”

3. A Dry Sense of Humor

“Dry sense of humor. I love people who make me laugh and are nonchalant about it,” one confessed. Many users with dry senses of humor informed the thread that their humor is less appreciated because when people don’t know you, they can’t tell if you’re joking.

4. Deep Female Voice

One man admitted, “I like girls with voices like Emma Stone, like that deep for a female voice. Not sure why, but I like it.” Another said, “The word I use to describe it is sultry, like Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. All of them are incredibly attractive with their voices.”

5. A Woman’s Back

Many men in the thread agreed that a sexy back is a thing. One elaborated, “The spinal seam between the shoulders of a woman’s upper back is one of the sexiest things. Add hair in a bun but a few stray strands touching the neck’s nape, and that’s sexy.”

6. Short Guys

One woman shared, “Short guys. I’m short. I don’t want to feel like I’m always standing around a giraffe.” A second added, “Exactly! I honestly think the perfect height combo for any couple is where they’re within three inches of each other.”

One man confessed being excited by these revelations, noting, “This gives me hope. I’m 5’8,” before one joked, “Whoa there, Goliath. Leave some for the rest of us.”

7. Crying

“Crying,” one explained. “Like, it says that my wife trusts me with her emotions.” Another admitted, “I almost cried reading this. My emotions have made most of my exes mad, making me think maybe someone will love me one day.”

8. Scars

“Scars,” replied one. “There is just something about them! Maybe it’s because all scars have a story behind them.” Several users were delighted to hear how many were attracted to scars before one stated, “Scars on the face add an intriguing quality to a person. I love it.”

9. Interesting Teeth

“Interesting teeth,” noted one. “I have a relatively straight set of natural chompers but can’t stand unnaturally straight teeth. It freaks me out. On the flip side, I love all sorts of crooked teeth.

They’re so unique, cute, and attractive. If they cause pain or discomfort, I’m not about it, but there’s something just damn magnetizing about someone who confidently rocks atypical teeth.”

“I agree,” shared another. “Same with super bright white teeth. It weirds me out. It’s so weird when the teeth are whiter than the eyes. I end up making eye contact with the teeth.”

10. Clingy Women

One man confessed, “Super clingy woman. I like to feel loved and don’t do much with my time anyway.” Another agreed, “I love reciprocal clingy. The trick is to find a way to breathe in between so you don’t burn one another out!”

11. Stretch Marks

“I love stretch marks on women. They are stunning,” one suggested. Another added, “I agree; I also quite like cellulite and don’t see why women hate it so much.”

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12. Bellies and Belly Buttons

After someone suggested bellies and belly buttons, one responded, “I feel this when it comes to women. And they’ll be no particular style. I like all kinds of bellies and can’t explain it.”

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