12 Real Life Ways to Experience a Frighteningly Safe Dose of Fear

Do you enjoy a good healthy dose of fear? You’ve got company. Someone recently polled an online community for ways to get safe doses of genuine fear. Here is what they had to say. Do you agree?

1. Asking Someone Out

asking date
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The number one voted response in the thread for experiencing genuine fear is, “Ask someone out.” Countless users agree that there is a special kind of fear that accommodates this task.

2. Rustic Cabin Rental

scary cabin
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“Have a vacation in a rustic rural cabin,” one states. “Watch a horror movie about a place that looks like yours. Then, go to bed with all the curtains open.” Yeah, that’ll do it. I’m good, thanks. Would you?

3. Falling

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Another daredevil suggests, “Falling. Go to a climbing gym and take a few falls. Go skydiving. Bungee jumping. No matter how many times you fall, there’s always an instant of fear when it happens.”

4. VR Horror Games

scary VR
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According to numerous gamers, there are a lot of VR horror games that are truly scary. One elaborates, “I love horror movies, haunted houses, ghost tours, and scary stories around the campfire. However, the only time I genuinely screamed so hard that my sides cramped was playing Resident Evil 7 on the VR.”

5. Looking Down From Tall Places

looking down
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Have you ever stood atop a skyscraper and looked straight down? I’ve had that feeling at the top of the Space Needle. Someone suggests, “Standing at the top of anything tall does the trick.” For example, Ferris wheels and hotel rooms.

6. Glass Hanging Bridges

valley on the glass bridge China
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A forum member states, “Maybe not everyone would feel genuine fear, but one of those glass hanging bridges overhanging cliffs. With the simulated cracking glass under your feet. Especially if you were unaware of the special effects.” I have seen those videos on Facebook and honestly don’t think I could handle it.

7. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing
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According to one, rock climbing is the answer: “If you are harnessed, and your belayer is qualified, then you are completely safe. But when you first go high up, it will be crazy scary.” Another user shares, “I’ve only climbed one wall on a rope, and I slipped and fell right before the top, and even 25 years later, I still remember that fear!”

8. Putting Away Your Change

grocery checkout line
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Aw, remember the good old days of waiting patiently for people to write checks? Well, one person notes the fear and panic that builds while people wait in line behind you while you fumble to put your change back into your wallet.

9. Watching a Scary Movie

Scary movie scared
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Numerous fright film fans suggest that watching scary movies is a genuine way to feel fear safely. There have been a few that stayed with me, but Sinister is by far the creepiest horror film I’ve ever seen.

10. Confronting Phobias

fear of public speaking
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“Attempt to confront a serious but nonlethal phobia,” one explains. “Public speaking is a good example. I am less afraid of physical harm (mountain biking alone, for example) than embarrassment or looking foolish.”

A second person says, “If you have any irrational fears, try some exposure therapy. Germaphobe? Stick your hand in the mud. Afraid of height? Look out the window of a tall building. Claustrophobic? Close yourself in the closet.”

11. Carnival Rides and Rollercoasters

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A rollercoaster or carnival ride. Someone confesses, “There is a drop tower at my local theme park. I cannot whip up the courage anymore to go on it, even though in the past, I went on it a dozen times and came out fine. Even though I know in my head that it’s perfectly safe, I still can’t do it in my heart. Fear is funny.”

12. Lactose Intolerant Ice Cream Bus Ride

woman eating ice cream
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On a less than serious note, someone cracks me up when they suggest, “Step one – Be stupid. Step two – Be lactose intolerant. Step three – Eat two bowls of ice cream. Step four – Get on the bus for one hour and thirty minutes.” As a fellow lactose-intolerant dummy, thanks for a semi-relatable laugh. Do you have any safe ways to experience genuine fear?

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