13 Honest Ways Women Boost Their Self-Esteem and Embrace Who They Are

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Do you ever find your self-esteem suffering by comparing yourselves to others? How about dealing with issues of jealousy when around people you deem more attractive than yourself? After a woman asked this in an online women’s forum. Here are their honest confessions.

1. Accepting Your Flaws

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One woman replies, “Accepting your flaws and being happy with who you are is one; the next thing is to remind yourself that physical beauty is not the end game; you can be beautiful in so many different ways, and confidence is one of them.”

2. Practice Good Skin Care

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Numerous women swear by implementing some form of skin care. One elaborates, “I compensate by taking care of my skin and experimenting with what makes me look prettier and more desirable.”

3. Don’t Dull Other People’s Sparkle

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Remember that dulling anyone else’s sparkle won’t make you shine more. A woman clarifies, “And other people being sparkly doesn’t make you shine less! Seashells and Christmas lights are both pretty but look nothing alike.”

4. Get Off Social Media

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One of the easiest ways to boost your mood and stop comparing is to log off social media immediately. Seriously, it does more damage than good, and when you’re already in a vulnerable state, it’s the best thing you can do.

5. Remember That Beauty Is Relative

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Remembering that beauty is relative and everyone is attractive to somebody is a good start in feeling better when you’re down about your appearance.

6. Be Confident. It’s Beautiful.

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“It may sound cliché, but confidence is, honest to god, the secret ingredient to being hot.” This user continues to say the more you build up your self-confidence, the more attractive you’ll begin to feel. Additionally, your confidence is what turns others’ heads in your direction.

7. Remember That Character Trumps All

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One woman in the forum confesses she reminds herself even the most beautiful women get lied to, cheated on, and abused. “Character trumps all. I may not be perfect, or for everyone, but I will be the best I can be for you – and I hope that’s enough.”

8. Get Therapy

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Numerous people agree with this woman who suggests, “I’m sorry, but if you have low self-esteem to the point you hate your look and feel you unwanted just based on your looks, then you need to get help, counseling, therapist, whatever, get help to build up your self-esteem.”

9. Keeping a Gratitude Journal

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I love this and also advocate for gratitude journaling. One woman suggests, “It sounds corny.” But keeping a gratitude journal and reflecting on the fact that she wouldn’t have all the beautiful things in her life if she weren’t deserving helps her maintain a clear perspective.

Additionally, she focuses on putting her energy into the things she loves. “In my experience, a human giving their heart, mind, and soul to a passion and then sharing that passion is sexy as hell, even if they look like a toad.”

10. Start Working on Yourself

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Countless women agree that working on yourself is the best way to overcome those feelings. They elaborate on drinking water, practicing good skin care, eating healthier, exercising, and anything else that boosts your confidence.

11. Surround Yourself With a Positive Circle

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Surround yourself with friends and peers that have a positive influence. Build a strong support circle of people who lead healthier and happier lives, and you’ll naturally shine like them too. You are the company you keep.

12. Change Your Inner Voice

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Change that negative voice in your head and start speaking positivity instead. For example, rather than telling yourself that you’re not pretty or that you’re undesirable, speak the opposite into existence. It will help transform your mindset.

13. Remembering That Society’s Beauty Standards Aren’t Real

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Finally, numerous women admit to reminding themselves that being pretty is only one of many other things in life and doesn’t define you as a person. “Society’s obsession with eternal youth and beauty is something that keeps women perpetually insecure and striving to obtain an unobtainable goal.”

Remember that, and don’t let it determine your beauty or worth. Furthermore, filters, FaceTune, and PhotoShop have completely destroyed any semblance of reality. So what you see online is usually not what you get in real life.

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