11 Really Weird Things That People Said Within a Minute of Meeting Strangers

Have you ever listened to a person talk for less than a minute and knew you wouldn’t get along with that person, or that sincerely freaked you out? You’re not alone. What did they say? What did they do? After someone polled an online community, here are their shocking confessions.

1. No Lines

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This first commenter shares, “The guy in line behind me at the airport insisted loudly to the room that we wouldn’t have airport lines if we just allowed passenger profiling. Pretty sure that guy wasn’t a great fit for me.” Can we say racist?

2. Dead People Conversations

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Another person explains that someone once stated, “There are different levels to being a psychic. I’m on the purple level, so I can talk to the dead”. said a new employee at my previous job. Nope.”

3. Rusty Knife Lunch Story

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Big YIKES in advance for this story. One shared, “New guy at work, a first coffee break, he started complaining about his ex who had full custody of the kids for some unknowable reason and how he’d like to slash her throat with a rusty knife.

Nice to meet you, too. I don’t think I’ll be taking breaks with you.” Why do some people find it alright to say things like this about people? I’ll never forget seeing a talk show clip of her saying if they say they will kill you, they are capable of it.

4. The High IQ

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Another stated that they were listening to the NEXIVM podcast, and there was a clip of the founder who said he has a 225 IQ. “If I walked into a room and heard someone say that, I’d walk right back out.” Several others agreed that they have known or been this person, and it’s an immediate no.

5. They’ll Never Know

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Yuck. My sister-in-law explained that she intentionally named her children names that didn’t sound Black so they would have a fighting chance. I was shocked to hear that people felt they needed to do this. But here is a story that shows exactly why.

One person explains, “Met someone at the dog park, and he got to talking about what we do for work: ‘I screen resumes at my job and deny anyone with an overly complicated ethnic name.’ They replied that it was illegal and discriminatory. He stated,
“They’ll never know.”

6. Mouse Torturer

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Another person explained a parent of one of their kid’s friends at school shared there was a mouse in their house. His wife wanted him to kill it, but he didn’t want to kill any living creatures. Instead, he tried to make friends with them.

Nonetheless, his wife insisted, and he threw his shoe at it, eventually hitting it. Still, it wasn’t dead. So he threw his shoe at it four more times. Ultimately, the guy poured boiling water twice before leaving it alone, hoping it would “peacefully pass away.”

Finally, the user confessed, “The logic of being too squeamish about killing something, and instead deciding to torture it to death slowly in the most agonizingly painful way blew my mind.”

7. Pervy Flirter

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One woman said that she and her ex-husband had dinner with his colleague (in his 50s) at a chain restaurant with staff on the floor, who were all in their early twenties. She explained that she had never met him before, so she was thrown off by his admission of flirting with all the female staff “because they loved the attention.”

She elaborated, “The best part? His daughter worked there. All I could think was how I would cringe myself through the floor if I were 20 and my 50-year-old dad came into my place of work and perved on my co-workers because he didn’t understand that they only put up with him. After all, they are paid to do so.”

8. Iliterate Child Bragger

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“Meet Your Teacher day before my kiddo started kindergarten,” one shared. A parent bragged that her kid was illiterate and “couldn’t stand being read to, and she hated reading too.” Several teachers expressed how badly they despised parents who voiced their dislike of reading.

9. Inappropriate HR Manager

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Another user volunteered that an HR manager asked, “I know I’m not supposed to ask, but I need to know. It’s not for work or anything– what religion are you?” Another joked, “I belong to the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Lawsuits.”

10. As Long as They’re White

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Oof. This user shared that they had just moved into a new home. “An older gentleman – he was 65, and I was 35 at the time – came across the street towards me and stuck out his hand. I shook it, and he said, ‘We love new neighbors! As long as they’re White!” They did not become lifelong friends.

11. Racist Parakeets

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Finally, one woman explained they worked at a pet store. She asked a customer if they had any questions or needed assistance. “The first thing she asked was if parakeets could talk because she wanted to teach them racial slurs—biggest nope of my life.” Okay, that’s a new one. Another noted, “Imagine trying to explain to someone why your bird is racist.” I’m sorry, what?

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