15 Words People Are Seriously Sick of Hearing and Want Retired Immediately

Are there any words you have an irrational disgust for or seriously offend your ears? A recent online discussion highlighted several words people are sick of hearing and want officially retired. Here are THEIR top picks. Do you agree?

1. Preggers

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I immediately laughed when seeing how many people do not like the word “Preggers.” I think I’ve only ever heard my sister use the word, but multiple people in the forum have heard it and are over it.

2. Literally

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The thing about the word “Literally” is that it is literally the most misused word of our time — so much so that several pop culture references are calling it out. I immediately think of an episode of The Big Bang Theory when Penny says she hasn’t eaten something in “Literally a million years.” Sheldon replies, “Literally. Literally a million.” So funny and true.

3. Tummy

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A medical care worker admits that they can not tolerate adults using the word “Tummy.” While it’s alright for children, this worker becomes “Irate” when patients say things such as “‘Tummy ache’ or ‘Tummy problems’ or their ‘Tummy’ is showing.”

4. Woke

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It’s nearly impossible to scroll the internet without running into the word “Woke.” What started as acknowledging an awareness or awakening towards things like social issues has become a word conservatives use to insult and “Own” the liberals. We are well past retirement age on that one.

5. Bestie

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This assertion made me laugh out loud because my girlfriend and I call each other “Besties.” Nonetheless, countless forum members do not care for the term.

6. Cringe

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Saying something is “So cringe” or even just “Cringe” is a term massively overused in today’s culture. I am guilty of using the word. What can I say? I have a teenager, and she brings words like these into my life.

7. Bruh

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The word “Bruh” is used so much that I have a tank top that reads: ma, mama, mommy, bruh. My teenager uses that word — about 800 times per day. Bruh is like, dude. It is used to emphasize many different things.

8. Triggered

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The word “Triggered” is often used to dismiss people voicing concerns over any issues that the person using the term disagrees with. It’s commonly used to insult people deemed — easily offended, shocked at something, or sensitive. Because people who have trauma have authentic triggers, using the word is insensitive.

As someone in recovery, I can attest to understanding the word’s true meaning regarding addiction and mental health. So using it in the sense it’s used today only adds to the stigma attached to mental health.

9. Irregardless

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The thing about the word “Irregardless” is that it’s not even a real word. According to my father, growing up, when I misused the word — it is “Regardless.” Nevertheless, they have recently added it to the dictionary. But all of us older generations know what’s up.

10. Warsh

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As someone from Washington, I agree with many in the thread who are ready to retire the word “Warsh.” There is no “R” in “Wash.” You don’t say “Warshington” state. Why are people adding letters?

11. Babe

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How do you feel about the word “Babe?” Numerous people have had it with hearing the word and want it retired immediately. I don’t know. I love that Styx song, “Babe, I Love You.”

12. Karen

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While Karen is technically a name, it’s been hijacked to describe anyone who spazzes out in public. One suggests, “No one deserves to be called a Karen just because of their hairstyle or for being middle-class and white.” Another admits their mom is named Karen and is one of the sweetest people on Earth. They add, “Be kind.”

13. Female

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I’m surprised by the number of women who are seriously offended by the term “Female” when referencing them. It’s taken as an insult, yet I am a woman who uses the word. Nevertheless, women express “It’s telling” when a grown man uses the word.

14. Bougie

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Haha, my husband calls me “Bougie” all of the time. For example, I am particular about my Pepsi. It has to be stored in the back of the fridge so it is ice cold, and once it reaches a certain temperature, he finishes it for me. It’s a different way of saying “high maintenance.” Yes. I am aware that I am blessed.

15. Gaslighting

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The word “Gaslighting” is widely overused today and takes away from the genuine issue of gaslighting in abusive relationships. According to many forum members, the term is used so much by media today that it is annoying to hear in any context.

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