Halloween Budget: 10 Easy Ways to Save Money This Year

Halloween is right around the corner, and the cost of living has gone from bad to much worse for many families across the U.S. So here are several ways to help save you money this holiday. 

1. Thrifting

Halloween party Joker and devil costumes
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Thrifting is the new trend, which basically means buying slightly used items at a lower price. It helps people save tons of money, and many of them sell new costumes at affordable prices. The Facebook Marketplace is another great place to search for slightly-used costumes. Everything doesn’t always need to be brand new.

2. Dollar Stores

Dollar Tree Halloween decorations
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Dollar stores are fantastic for Halloween decorations on a budget. There are tons of things to hang on your walls. Plus, candles, yard stakes, lights, table settings, and even craft projects for making your own decor. 

3. Funky Makeup

Halloween makeup mommy and daughter
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If it’s a hassle to think of a costume or the budget is too tight, you can always notch it up with your Halloween makeup. All that is required are a few paints, which are usually cheap, and let that creativity flow. If you struggle with ideas, you can always search for videos and Google images and be your own makeup artist. 

4. Host Your Event

Halloween party women dancing
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Managing any event alone always works to the advantage since the host arranges everything according to their budget. Combining different strategies of smart purchasing, you could easily arrange a budget-friendly event with different games to keep the guests entertained. 

5. Buying Candy in Bulk

Halloween candy bowl
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Holy cow, have you seen how expensive Halloween candy has gotten? Good grief, Charlie Brown. Buying in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco early will be your best way to save easy money. But fair warning, this strategy only works if you don’t eat it all before the big day!

6. Shop Early

saving money on Halloween
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As an efficient consumer, you should start shopping early. As the event nears, producers tend to increase their prices since they know the consumers will buy at any cost. If you plan way ahead, two months before the event, you are likely to purchase all desired goods at a discounted price. So, waiting for the last day by procrastinating is a bad idea. 

7. Strategize Your Pumpkin Purchase

beautiful woman pumpkin farm Halloween
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Stocking up early may not apply to the pumpkins since there is a danger of them going bad. But online shopping around will guarantee the best price before committing to your purchase. Are you going to buy them from a grocery store, pumpkin farm, or farmer’s market? 

8. Work as a Team

happy Halloween family with pumpkins
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Work together with friends, neighbors, and mommy groups to make an affordable Halloween happen. Some people do costume swaps with their kids. Others repurpose decorations. If hosting a party, work with your friends and family to split the costs. 

9. Virtual Activities

Halloween on computer
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If you are someone whose friends are now living in a different city, you might like this idea. You can arrange virtual activities, for instance, Pumpkin crafting. This could make the event wholesome for everyone and, once again, could be effective for someone who doesn’t wish to spend a lot of money on outside-of-the-home Halloween festivities.

10. Get Creative With YouTube

Halloween DIY decor
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The dollar store hack has already been conveyed. Still, as the social media generation, YouTube has to be the biggest help. If you don’t feel like spending a fortune on new decorations or costumes, you can always search for DIY decorations and costumes for Halloween. Everyone owns some pair of clothes; maybe all that is required to get creative is some colors and designs.

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