20 Things Men Admit They Will Never Understand About Women

Recently, a man took to an online men’s forum and begged the question, “What is something you will never understand about women?” Here are their more honest confessions.

1. Dream Cheaters

woman mad at man in bed
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A man asks, “Why are you mad at me when I cheat in your dreams?” Several others confess to sharing this outlandish experience. I can’t help but laugh at this one. Both my mother and sister have done this to their spouses. It’s just a dream, ladies.

2. Where Are Your Pockets

woman jeans empty pockets
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Countless men are concerned about women’s lack of pockets. “Why don’t y’all’s dresses and pants have pockets? I mean, I have to assume it’s women designing women’s clothing, right?” Hey pal, this has women equally perplexed, believe me. We all want pockets too!

3. Dating “Bad Boys.”

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Numerous men struggle with understanding why so many women choose to date the “bad boys.” One elaborates, “I struggle to understand why women tend to be attracted to men that treat them like trash, yet shun away from those who appreciate them.”

4. Having the Company is Coming Clean Up Marathons

woman cleaning chore
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One man admits he has no idea why women feel the need to clean incessantly before company arrives. “We are having company? Scrub the baseboards! Vacuum the ceiling! Clean out the lint trap in the dryer! We can’t let anyone know we actually live here!”

5. Shaving Eyebrows

woman shaving eyebrow
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Numerous men feel perplexed by why women go to the lengths of shaving off their eyebrows only to pencil them back in. One adds, “Eyebrows help convey emotions and feelings through different facial expressions.” He also clarifies he’s not talking about women who are “suffering with medical or psychological reasons.”

6. The Amount of Hair Everywhere

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The number-one-voted response with nearly 20k upvotes reads, “Based on the amount of hair I have seen in the bathroom, and that I still keep finding in my clothes and my buttcrack, how do you still have so much hair on your head?”

Many men with long hair agreed they also have this issue, while one noted they shared the problem with their dog. Still, others noted the infamous hair swirls people with long hair leave on the shower walls.

7. Walking Out On Started Conversations

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One man confessed he’d never understand, “Starting a conversation, then continuing the conversation after walking into another room where we can no longer hear you.” Several men in the thread shared similar confusion before one volunteered, “Next time she does, yell. “Alexa, volume up”

8. Women’s Clothing Sizes

struggling to get into jeans
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“Why are women’s clothing sizes all over the place? One store, a size four, could be a nine at a different store,” one man confessed. A woman suggested, “This is a topic most of us rant about at LEAST twice a month if not every time we go clothes shopping. My best friend says women’s sizing depends on your horoscope and your immediate proximity to a chicken.”

9. Instant Rage Taps

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Another man asked, “How can a woman instantly tap into the rage with zero energy loss they experienced from an argument we had two years ago? And I don’t even remember it happening?”

After one woman suggested that some women have storage space housing past rage, he responded, “But where is this storage? You all don’t even have pockets.”

10. French Fry Thieves

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Many men in the thread agreed they don’t understand when they ask a woman if she wants anything from McDonald’s, she’ll say no, and then proceed to eat all their fries. One man summed it up with an emphatic “Bruh.”

11. Where Do You Want To Eat?

what do you want to eat women food
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Four thousand men wanted to know, “Where do you want to eat?” One woman answered, “Sometimes, I get into this cycle of knowing I need to eat, but NOTHING sounds appetizing.

So when I get asked where I want to eat, I’m stuck because I’m cycling through restaurants and their familiar dishes in my head, going….. ‘does this sound good? Will I eat this?’ My brain often says, ‘Nah, sis, pick something else.”

12. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

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One man questioned, “Are you planting hair ties and bobby pins everywhere to mark your territory?” Others laughed at the sentiment, while a woman advised, “Don’t worry, they disappear as soon as you’re actively looking for one.”

13. Their Signals

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“The signals they give to men to show they like them or are interested are confusing and most of the time can not be noticed or even interpreted as signals,” one suggested.

Someone shared, “I watched one of my female friends “hit on” a guy a few nights ago, then come back to the table mad that he wasn’t responding to her advancements. I watched the whole thing go down. Her technique was to walk past him without looking at him while he was turned around talking to someone.”

14. Sharing Intimate Details

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Many men in the thread wondered, “Why do many of them need to discuss intimate details of our adult time with their friends?” One elaborated, “Women are one hundred thousand times worse for kissing and telling and doing it much more graphically. A man would at most be like, we hooked up! It was awesome!”

15. How They Don’t Know They’re Beautiful

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Others questioned, “Why can they never see how pretty they are to us?” One woman explained, “Actual answer: cause there’s a lot of guys who legit make ‘2/10 elbows too pointy, would not bang’ comments even about women who are actual supermodels, and your girl has very likely dated at least one dude who gave her a complex over it.”

16. The Mind Games

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“The mind games,” one admitted. “Once had a girlfriend who would intentionally wait longer to respond to some people’s texts than others, like a whole mental tier list of who was important enough to get immediate responses and who had to wait. Just reply.”

17. Desire To Be Pregnant

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One asked, “Why would you ever want to be pregnant? I watched my wife push out two kids with no drugs, and you all have my undying respect—no way I’d do that. You can define courage as a woman who intentionally gets pregnant, knowing what that entails and all its terrifying risks. Hats off to you all.”

18. Long Fake Nails and Fake Lashes

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“Long velociraptor claw-like nail. It is perhaps the most unattractive thing of all time and seems impractical,” one man suggested. Another added, “The long eyelashes are way worse, in my opinion, But the nails are also terrible.”

19. “It’s Fine.”

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“When you ask them if everything is ok, and they say it’s fine when it’s not,” confessed one. A woman suggested, “Because when we share how we feel, men (not all) take it as us, either. A. Complaining. Or B. Telling them what they are doing wrong. It’s a lose-lose.”

20. Passenger Heat Vents

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One man asked, “Why do you want to turn up the heat in the car’s passenger side and move the freaking vent away from you?!” Someone explained, “I want to be warm, but I don’t like the air blowing directly on me, especially directly into my eyeballs.”

Source: Reddit.

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