15 Super Stupid Things Men Associate Their Masculinity With Today

Have you ever wondered why men associate dumb things with their masculinity? You’re not alone. A popular online community recently discussed examples of stupid things associated with masculinity today. Here are some of their more enlightening answers.

1. Hearing Aid Aesthetics

Man with hand to ear hear
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Did you know a surprising number of people refuse to wear hearing aids due to their aesthetics? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something this silly about homosexuality. A user shares, “My grandpa was nervous about his hearing aids being ‘too feminine.’ before asking, “Fellas, is it gay to hear?”

I’m laughing and cringing here, but not surprised because of the older generation’s upbringing. An audiologist explains, “Some patients will find any reason not to wear their hearing aids.”

Others agree and add that they work with older women in care who would rather sit out of things than wear a hearing aid and participate because they don’t want “anything unattractive” on their ears.

2. Not Wearing Sunscreen

tourist man with sunscreen
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Not wearing sunscreen is an odd thing to associate with masculinity. However, one can’t count the number of times people seem shocked he is wearing it. Another user warns, “As someone whose parents both got skin cancer, that’s so nuts. Get some sunscreen or stay in the shade, but don’t fry yourself on purpose!”

3. Not Going To a Doctor

Man at doctor
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It’s a well-known fact that men refuse to go to the doctor unless their wives or significant others push them to go. However, one man argues that it’s an American male thing and that he goes to the doctor when something is amiss.

4. Lacking Hygiene

Unhygienic Men armpit smell
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Lacking hygiene is a common theme within the forum. For example, a man explains that he’s encountered guys “who bragged about never washing their hands.” He elaborates that he once saw a post on Facebook discussing how women usually prefer men who care for their skin.

The first comment was “some boomer posting a selfie saying, ‘I’ve never used moisturizer; this is what a real man looks like!” Finally, he states that the man looked sunburned and believes, “It’s a pathetic thing to be proud of.”

5. “Frilly Drinks” Equated With Being Gay

Man Laughing
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Fancy drinks being associated with gayness is nothing new, but strange that it’s so prevalent. Especially considering that being gay doesn’t mean you’re not masculine. However, I remember an episode of Scrubs mocking J.D. for drinking Appletinis and associating it with homosexuality.

As one notes in the forum, “Yes, me man, me drink many beer.” Additionally, I tended a bar that served a bunch of older men, and some made comments on my drinks specials being “too gay” for them to order. 

6. Crushing Handshakes

man handshake
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Countless men agree that attempting to crush someone’s hand when handshaking is a ridiculous show of “masculinity.” However, one notes, “There is a difference between greeting and assault.”

7. Being an Incompetent Father

Man With baby
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Being an incompetent father was discussed heavily as something associated with masculinity to some. However, a man suggests, “You have four kids, and you’ve never changed a diaper? That’s not a brag, dude.”

8. Their Vehicles

man with truck
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How did cars become attached to masculinity? Numerous men confess that they don’t understand the obsession. One explains that if they built the vehicle, he understand’s a man taking pride and being so invested.

However, men who paid a massive pile of money (and often, in reality, can’t afford it) on the table to buy an off-the-shelf car. “What is there to be proud of that? Where is your achievement in this?”

9. Not Showing Emotions

man crying in bed
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Bottling up emotions evolved into “the manly” thing to do when it’s honestly disastrous for men’s mental health. Nonetheless, an entire breed of men won’t show feelings or tears because they believe “it’s not masculine.” Many men grew up hearing “suck it up” and “stop that crying.”

10. Carrying an Umbrella

Man with umbrella rainbow
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What? I can not believe this is a thing. However, hundreds of men state that men have associated carrying an umbrella with femininity. “My dad will claim he doesn’t need an umbrella because “real men” don’t need them. OK, Dad.”

11. Wearing Pink

older man with glasses
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Fortunately, pink has made its way into some men’s wardrobes because it looks great. I love it. However, my father 100% was in the camp that “wearing pink is for girls.” I don’t know if men who believe this way think that wearing blue is for boys, but the color of your shirt doesn’t determine if you’re a man.

12. Hating Cats

man with cat
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An interesting bullet point on the list accuses men who hate cats of being someone you want to avoid. It’s long been seen that loving dogs, man’s best friend, is manly, whereas cat lovers are more feminine.

Of course, none of the items on this list are accurate. But people believe it all the same. Someone suggests, “I think they’re just simpleminded people. Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves. Cats are slightly more complex, and that confuses them.”

13. How Much They Can Drink

drunk man passed out
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I’m uncertain how it started, but numerous men in the forum agree that some men think that putting back a bunch of alcohol somehow makes you a man. I’ve met these men, and it’s a strange thing. They are always the most obnoxious and inappropriate drunks.

14. Household Chores

man doing laundry chores
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The inability to do basic household chores was called out repeatedly as a ridiculous thing associated with manliness. One user shares that there was an interview with “that weasel Ben Shapiro” where they are all bragging about not knowing how to operate their washing machine “cause their wife does it.”

Finally, they state, “Being too incompetent or lazy to use a basic bit of machinery doesn’t make you more of a man.”

15. How They Take Their Coffee

man with espresso
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Finally, a man explains how men take their coffee is typically associated with their masculinity. Again, I can attest to this. I grew up hearing my dad say, “Real men drink it black.” However, this guy argues, “If I want some cream in my coffee, I’m going to put some cream in my coffee.”

Source: Reddit.

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