Top 13 Terrible Films From 1980 According to IMDb — Do You Agree?

We were given a wide variety of cinematic treasures in 1980, and they are still praised and appreciated today. However, the flash and glamour of this iconic era also gave rise to several movies that sadly fell short of the mark. Here are the top awful films of 1980, as evaluated by IMDb — delve into the world of 1980 cinematic blunders. 

1. Can’t Stop the Music (1980)

Can't Stop the Music 1980
Image Credit: Associated Film Distribution.

Can’t Stop the Music is a musical comedy featuring Steve Guttenberg and Valerie Perrine inspired by the disco craze. The movie centers on a failing songwriter who joins forces with some aspiring musicians to establish a musical ensemble.

The film, featuring extravagant musical numbers and a silly plot, failed to hold moviegoers’ attention and is frequently recognized as one of the most infamous disasters of the 1980s.

2. Xanadu (1980)

Xanadu Olivia Newton John
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

The musical fantasy Xanadu stars Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John and blends roller disco with Greek mythology. The tale’s protagonist is a struggling artist who gets the idea to start a roller skating rink from a magical muse.

Despite the star power and memorable soundtrack, the movie received negative reviews and earned a spot on the list of 80s cinematic failures due to its convoluted plot and poor execution.

3. The Jazz Singer (1980)

The Jazz Singer
Image Credit: Associated Film Distribution.

Neil Diamond plays a young Jewish man split between his traditional family beliefs and his desire to pursue a career in music in the film version of the classic movie The Jazz Singer. Despite its efforts to update the plot, the movie failed to capture the appealing qualities of the original and received criticism for its superficiality and lack of emotional resonance.

4. The Blue Lagoon (1980)

The Blue Lagoon 1980
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

A romantic adventure starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, The Blue Lagoon depicts the story of two shipwrecked kids who grow up on a remote island and fall in love as they age.

The movie was attacked for its poor character development and overly straightforward treatment of complicated subjects, despite its attempts to be sensual and investigate human nature. Brooke Shields was only 14 in the film and spends much of it without clothing.

5. Honeysuckle Rose (1980)

Honeysuckle 1980
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Willie Nelson performs as a country music artist in Honeysuckle Rose as he struggles with his marriage while on tour with his band. Although the movie tackles themes of betrayal and self-discovery, its unpredictable tone and lack of focus lessen its potential impact, making for a dull moviegoing experience.

6. Gloria (1980)

Gloria 1980
Image Credit: Sony/Columbia Pictures.

A former gangster’s girlfriend who takes on the role of a little boy’s guardian and is portrayed by Gena Rowlands in the movie Gloria is the story’s subject. Although Rowlands gives a solid performance, the movie’s slow pacing and predictable plot prevent it from engaging viewers, placing it among the 80s less popular movies.

7. Heaven’s Gate (1980)

Heaven's Gate 1980
Image Credit: United Artists.

The Michael Cimino-directed epic Western Heaven’s Gate stars Kris Kristofferson and Isabelle Huppert. Despite having an impressive group, the movie needed help with its production, budget, and plot. As a result, the film was a critical and commercial flop that made American cinema history.

8. The Boogey Man (1980)

Boogeyman 1980 worst 80s movies
Image Credit: The Jerry Gross Organization.

The main character of Ulli Lommel’s horror movie The Boogey Man is a guy tormented by childhood trauma and an evil supernatural entity. Its low-budget production standards, shoddy acting, and derivative plot help to make the movie one of the forgettable 80s horror flicks.

9. Windows (1980)

Windows 1980 worst 80s films
Image Credit: United Artists.

Talia Shire plays a woman in Windows who is the subject of a voyeuristic lesbian stalker. Despite having the potential to be suspenseful, the movie’s choppy pacing, lousy writing, and mediocre acting prevented it from being a compelling psychological thriller, earning it a spot on the list of overrated movies.

10. Saturn 3 (1980)

Saturn 3 1980 terrible 80s movies
Image Credit: ITC Film Distribution.

A sci-fi thriller set on a remote space station, Saturn 3 stars Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett. The movie falls short of the genre’s possibilities due to poor special effects, an inconsistent plot, and awful dialogue.

11. Raise the Titanic (1980)

Raise the Titanic 1980 terrible 80s films
Image Credit: ITC Entertainment.

Jason Robards and Richard Jordan star in the Clive Cussler novel adaptation Raise the Titanic. The movie centers on a quest to rescue the Titanic’s cargo. Still, any potential thrill is masked by the slow pacing and undeveloped characters, making it a letdown in the adventure genre.

12. Cruising (1980)

Cruising 1980 Al Pacino
Image Credit: United Artists.

Al Pacino plays an undercover detective looking into a string of deaths in the gay leather bar scene in the William Friedkin-directed film Cruising. The film’s portrayal of LGBTQ+ culture and its dark themes caused controversy, negatively impacting how audiences responded to it.

13. The Formula (1980)

The Formula 1980 Marlon Brando
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Marlon Brando and George C. Scott are the main characters in the 1980 thriller The Formula, which centers on a Nazi plot. Despite having a recognized cast, the movie needs to meet expectations in the spy genre due to its complex plot, lack of tension, and inconsistent tone.

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