15 Popular Myths That People Still Regurgitate as Truth

Myths and misconceptions often persist despite evidence to the contrary. While some myths may seem harmless, others can lead to misunderstandings and even have real-world consequences. Here are 15 popular myths that people still believe.

1. “We Only Use 10% Of Our Brain”

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This myth suggests that most of our brain lies dormant, waiting to be unlocked. In reality, we use all parts of our brain, just not all at the same time. Each region has a specific function.

2. “Shaving Makes Hair Grow Thicker”

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Shaving doesn’t alter the thickness or growth rate of hair. When hair regrows after shaving, it may appear thicker because it has a blunt tip, but this is an illusion.

3. “Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis”

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Cracking your knuckles may annoy others, but it doesn’t lead to arthritis. The sound comes from gas bubbles in the joints and doesn’t harm your joints.

4. “Eating Carrots Improves Your Eyesight”

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Carrots are rich in vitamin A, essential for good eyesight, but they won’t give you superhuman vision. They may help maintain eye health but not dramatically improve it.

5. “Goldfish Have a 3-Second Memory”

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Goldfish have a longer memory span than three seconds. Studies suggest they can remember information for several months.

6. “Sugar Causes Hyperactivity in Children”

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Research doesn’t support the idea that sugar causes hyperactivity. Behavioral changes are more likely due to excitement during special occasions.

7. “Daddy Longlegs Are Highly Venomous”

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Daddy longlegs are not highly venomous. They have fangs too short to penetrate human skin, so they pose no threat to us.

8. “Bats Are Blind”

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Bats are not blind. While some species rely on echolocation to navigate, they can see and use their vision for various tasks.

9. “You Can See the Great Wall of China From Space”

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The Great Wall of China is not visible to the naked eye from space. Astronauts can see it with the help of binoculars or a camera lens.

10. “Humans Only Use Five Senses”

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Humans have more than five senses. In addition to sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, we have senses like proprioception (body awareness) and the vestibular sense (balance).

11. “Einstein Failed Math in School”

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Albert Einstein did not fail math in school. He excelled in mathematics from a young age and made important contributions to the field.

12. “Toilets Flush in Opposite Directions in the Southern Hemisphere”

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The direction of toilet flushes is determined by the design of the toilet, not by the hemisphere. The Coriolis effect has minimal influence on small-scale water movements. So basically, that Australia episode of The Simpsons was hogwash!

13. “Bulls Hate the Color Red”

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Bulls are colorblind and do not specifically react to the color red. They react to the movement of the matador’s cape.

14. “You Can Cure a Hangover With Greasy Food”

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Greasy food may be satisfying, but it doesn’t cure a hangover. Hydration and rest are more effective remedies. The best cure for a hangover is to quit drinking alcohol.

15. “Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice”

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Lightning can strike the same place more than once. Tall structures are often struck multiple times during storms. These popular myths persist in our culture, but it’s important to rely on scientific evidence and critical thinking to separate fact from fiction. Addressing misconceptions can lead to a more informed and accurate understanding of the world around us.

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