12 Stupidest Things People Brag About Like We Are Supposed to Be Impressed

What is the stupidest thing people brag about? I’ll go first and say when Americans brag about not tipping. I understand tipping culture has gotten out of hand, but if you’re in a sit-down restaurant and don’t tip, you’re a jerk, and it’s nothing to be proud of. After someone asked for other examples in an online forum, here are THEIR top responses.

1. Lack of Sleep

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Bragging about one’s lack of sleep is not only stupid but unhealthy and dangerous. Everyone needs sleep to rest and recharge their batteries. Many chronic health problems are linked to lack of sleep, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, kidney disease, and depression.

2. Overworking

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Bragging about overworking or ‘Hustle culture” is a strange way of telling people that you’re working yourself to death and ignoring more important things in your life, like your children.

3. Getting Away With It

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People who brag about getting away with a crime are a special kind of stupid. A few people admit to knowing forensic experts who allegedly have told them that a considerable percentage of their cases come from people talking about their crimes in jail.

One elaborates, “It’s extremely common for people to get to prison, brag about where the bodies are buried to anyone that will listen, and then those people go immediately to their lawyers looking for a reduced sentence for that information.”

4. Being Built Different

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When people brag about being “Built differently,” it’s a red flag indicating that they are, in fact, not built differently. A user jokes about someone who says this: “Sure, dude. You have a beard, a full-sleeve tattoo, and a pickup truck. You’re so different.”

5. Being an Alpha Male

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In a similar vein, bragging about being an “Alpha male” is a massive red flag to everyone around you. Being alpha isn’t even a real thing. Moreover, if you have to announce what you are, it’s a clear sign to people that you’re not at all what you say.

6. Internet Fame

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Do you know someone, or are you that person who brags about internet followers and “Fame?” Many users in this forum say it’s stupid to brag about. I’ve honestly seen people post about their followers before. It does look silly and a bit desperate for approval.

7. Intelligence

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Have you ever met someone who can’t wait to tell you about what a high I.Q. they have? I have a cousin who tells any and everyone about his “Eidetic memory” and what a genius he is. The reality is that he is (was? I am uncertain, we no longer speak) a raging alcoholic who can’t remember what he said yesterday. It’s annoying, and everyone talks about what an idiot you are behind your back.

8. Family Money

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Family money. “Especially in college,” one adds. “Yeah, bro, that yacht you’re showing off is totally yours.” Several others share stories of the rich kids at school.”

9. People You’ve Slept With

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Bragging about the number of people you have slept with is not a good look, and NO ONE is impressed. In the last decade, the term “Body count” has become associated with the act. A forum member explains, “It’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just weird and sad drawing a line between sex and murders.”

10. How Wasted You Are

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Bragging about substance abuse is a weird flex, and this forum ain’t having it. Multiple members mention it’s even worse when these people say idiotic things like: “I’m a perfect driver under the influence.” Ugh, I’ve met those people, and it’s frightening.

11. Being Uneducated

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Have you heard people brag about being uneducated before? It’s a strange phenomenon. It may present itself in Facebook bios that read: “Attended School of Hard Knocks” or “University of Life.” A user suggests that people who brag about not reading fall into this category too.

12. Mental Health Issues

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Many people don’t understand people with mental health issues who seemingly brag about their conditions. “As a mental health professional who also has a couple of diagnoses myself, THANK YOU,” shares one.

“It is NOT a flex, it should never have become a trend, and it isn’t a Special Unicorn pass to act however you want. I hope we close the gap between compassion and enabling and indifference and ableism soon.”

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