12 Worst Physical Sensations You’ll Ever Experience That Aren’t Painful

Someone recently polled an online entertainment community: “What’s the worst physical sensation that isn’t painful?” Here are THEIR top responses. Do you agree?

1. Unable to Get Dry

woman in rain
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Being unable to get dry, no matter how hard you try, is a miserable physical sensation. I’m from Washington and know all about this. Instead of walking uphill in the snow like my parents before me, I legitimately walked one mile in the rain every day to school and then a mile back.

When the wind hits you so hard, your umbrella flips inside out as the mist freezes your face is another level of discomfort and cold. Then, after arriving at school, you spend all of your first period shivering as the old heating system in the building warms up.

2. Anxiety

anxiety panic attack
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Anxiety can do scary things. A user denotes: “It’s not painful, but it’s an awful sensation when it’s in your chest and the pit of your stomach, and you can feel it rising up into your throat.”

I slightly disagree. I’ve had anxiety-driven panic attacks that produced convincible chest pains that landed me in the ER. It’s both relieving and embarrassing when your EKG is fine, and it was “Just” a panic attack.

3. Dead Arm

don't want to get out of bed
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Who hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night after sleeping on their arms long enough for them to go numb? That feeling is the worst! I always prop my arm up with my other arm for blood flow. After someone confesses, they did this after passing out from drinking, and it took a terrifying 10-15 minutes for it to feel normal again.

A forum member shares: “Saturday Night Palsy is a real thing. I had a ding-dong roommate end up in a brace for several weeks because of this in college — then I learned about it many years later in Physical Therapy school. It’s no joke!”

4. Restless Legs

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Restless legs are one of the most challenging parts of opioid withdrawal. It is torture, and you constantly squirm to try to shake the sensation away. I am so grateful those days are behind me. Many people also suffer from a condition called restless legs.

5. Unable to Catch Full Breath Yawning

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When you yawn but can’t get that physical relief sensation of — catching your breath fully — is mentioned as one of the worst physical sensations that aren’t painful. Someone admits reading this made them yawn, and it honestly made me yawn too.

6. Being Tickled

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Tickling is the worst! Ugh. My father had a great time tickling into torment as a child. I would beg him to stop, and he would say: “But you’re laughing. You’re laughing.” I hated it. It scared me because I couldn’t breathe. However, both of my kids asked me to tickle them, so I guess it’s alright by some.

7. Unexpected Crunches

hurt tooth hamburger
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Have you ever bitten into a juicy hamburger and bit down on an uncomfortable crunch? Now you have this bite of food rolling around in your mouth as you attempt to determine what that crunch was. According to many, this is one of the worst sensations ever.

8. Throwing Up

puke motion vomit
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YES! Vomiting is the worst. Everything surrounding throwing up is miserable — from the nausea to the uncontrollable dry heaving that keeps you glued to the toilet bowl.

9. Itching

mosquito bite itching
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Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Itching is a terrible physical sensation. It isn’t painful, but the mental anguish when you can’t reach your itch may as well be. A user suggests, “The worst is when the middle of the bottom of your foot is itchy, and you can’t take your shoe off.” Oh yes, that is the worst!

10. The Constant Ringing of Tinnitus

Tinnitus ear pain ringing
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The constant ringing of tinnitus is a miserable sensation many forum members express knowing. One admits they have it non-stop, and the audiologist says they can’t do anything about it. A second person jokes: “I called the tinnitus hotline, and all it did was ring.”

11. Losing a Sneeze

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Have you ever felt the tickling sensation of a good sneeze coming on, only to have it disappear without the sweet release? Who hasn’t? I think we can all agree it’s a terrible feeling.

12. A Full Bladder

have to pee full bladder
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Walking around with an overfilled bladder with no bathroom in sight is another uncomfortable feeling. Or when you are driving around with no bathroom in sight, for that matter. There is also an added bonus of fear for women who have birthed children and are actively suffering from a cough or hit with a sneeze. All and all, it sucks!

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