Do Our Loved Ones in Heaven Remember Us? 2 Experiences That Prove They Do

Do our loved ones in heaven remember us? Do you believe that deceased loved ones can communicate with you after they’ve passed? I’ve seen shows where people being interviewed allegedly experienced the phenomenon. Still, I’d never given much weight to it until it happened to me.

Losing My Parents

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Losing my parents introduced me to new levels of grief. I lost my dad, and the following year, my mother followed. Both of them had their health decline from terrible diseases and died pretty young; I still struggle to fully accept they are both gone.

When something exciting is happening in my life, or I get unfortunate news, my immediate thoughts are still to call one of them. It’s a very lonely emptiness that can hit at random times.

My First Experience: A Christmas Miracle

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The second Christmas following my mother’s death reinforced my belief in modern-day miracles. I watch the old-school Pink Panther cartoon with my youngest daughter. It’s great. No words. So it’s perfect when I’m working, and she wants to be near.

I decided to buy her a plush Pink Panther and was thrilled to find a huge one for $30 on Amazon. The image has a woman holding him, and he is life-size. I knew my munchkin would love him.

When he was delivered to my mailbox, immediate concern set in. My husband confirmed it was not the size I expected. Instead, it was an obvious cheap toy you might win at a carnival or claw machine.

Still, because it’s such an old cartoon, I didn’t have other options for a plushie. $30 for a cheap, misrepresented toy! I contemplated what to do. I decided to open the bag, and something immediately fell in my lap. It was a small Hello Kitty keychain.

I couldn’t believe it. My mother gifted me Hello Kitty every Christmas. Even when she was away when we were kids, she would mail us Hello Kitty lipglosses and accessories. This was long before it had gained the popularity it has now with Sanrio stores and Amazon. Being part Korean, she found it extra fitting to gift us and always found us a trinket somehow.

The moment I saw the little Hello Kitty keychain, I broke down. Somehow, my mom managed to let me know she was still with me. She still got me a Hello Kitty for Christmas.

I know some people will scoff, but in my heart, I know that there is no way this was some weird coincidence. So, ask me: “Do our loved ones in heaven remember us?” I’d without hesitation say: “YES!”

My Second Experience: Saying Hello Through Scripture

Bible Jeremiah 29:11
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Another experience that made me a believer occurred during the middle of the night. When I graduated from high school, my father was incredibly proud.

See, I’d dropped out for a couple of years, went back, and did both years in one to only graduate a year late. Not that my graduation wouldn’t have been celebrated had it happened traditionally. But I’d work particularly hard.

He gifted me a large arrowhead-shaped wall plaque from a Christian bookstore with a scripture that meant a lot to him. There was purpose and meaning behind why he chose that particular gift.

Anyway, three years after he died, I’d been going to bed with nighttime meditations and affirmations and decided to switch to scripture. It was that time of year again; leaves were changing, pumpkin spice was invading the air, and I was missing him as his birth and death dates drew nearer.

That night before bed, I remember wondering in prayer if my dad ever checked in on me in death. After he passed, I immediately had a couple of experiences that let me know he was still with me.

But it had been a while. I feared that my jokester father was off entertaining heaven, and maybe I was all but a memory of his former life. I miss him so much.

Nonetheless, that night, I got up for one of my obnoxious middle-of-the-night bathroom trips, opting not to turn the light and fan combo on, fearing it may disturb my husband.

As I sat there, racing to get back to the warmth of my bed, my eyes instantly teared when I heard my scripture audio share the scripture my father loved and shared with me:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” — Jeremiah 29:11 — New International Version (NIV).

You can dismiss it, or you can believe that I was thinking of my father in prayer, struggling with the time of year, wondering if I’d ever feel him looking in on me again, and through God’s grace, he let me know that he is.

So again, if someone asks me: “Do our loved ones in heaven remember us?” Indeed, they do.

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