14 Little Lies That Everyone Tells at Some Point in Their Life — Have You?

Have you ever been a liar-liar with your pants on fire? We all have, at some point in our life, told lies. Some are big, while others are to spare someone’s feelings, but a lie is a lie. Here are 14 lies that we tell or have told someone in our lives.

1. “I’m Fine”

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How often have you not been fine, but when someone asked how you were, you responded, “I’m fine?” It’s likely one of the common lies everyone tells in life.

2. “I’ll Check It Out”

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Have you ever told a friend or coworker that the show or film they recommended sounded good and that you would check it out, knowing you have zero intention of doing so? You’re not alone.

3. “I’ve Read the Terms and Conditions”

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Does anybody really ever read the “Terms and Conditions” on anything they sign their name to today? Not many. Several people are more interested in accessing an app they downloaded than reading about them selling your data once you hit agree to all.

4. “It Was Nice Talking To You”

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There have been far too many conversations that I’ve dismissed with: “It was nice talking to you,” when in fact, I was hurrying the person along and trying to walk away. Have you?

5. “Sorry I Missed Your Call”

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Yeah. I totally wasn’t looking at my screen flash as I watched your call go to voicemail. Right? How many of us tell people we are sorry we missed their calls when the truth is we didn’t want to take it? It’s not necessarily even that you don’t like the caller. We live in the age of texting, and many of us have conformed to communicating that way.

6. “I’ll Call You Back”

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In that same vein, “I’ll call you back” is a lie many people tell to dismiss the person on the other end of the line without indicating that you have no desire to have the conversation.

7. “Your Baby Is So Cute”

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I know. I know. Some folks swear that all babies are cute (or breathtaking for my Seinfeld friends), and the rest of us know it is a lie. A lie we all tell. Similarly, lying about how much we “love” the baby name you’ve picked out, complete with ridiculous spelling!

8. “I’m Almost There”

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One lie that drives me mad is when someone says, “I’m almost there,” when they are already late to where we are meeting up. It’s rude to make me wait. Period. It always results in waiting another 20 minutes, which is nowhere near “I’m almost there.” Nonetheless, it’s a common lie.

9. “I’ll Quit (Insert Bad Habit) Tomorrow”

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Have you heard the Garth Brooks song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes?” Yet, here we are, putting life changes off until “tomorrow.” It’s always, “I’ll quit (insert bad habit) tomorrow, but most people wake up and keep doing whatever they insist they are stopping.

10. “I Don’t Judge”

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It is human nature to judge others, be it out loud or in your head. I’m not saying you should, but we all do it. Nonetheless, some folks lie and state: “I don’t judge.” Often, those are the ones judging you the most!

11. “I’m Busy Right Now”

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Similarly, “Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ve been super busy lately.” No one is ever too busy to call if they really want to. If you are super into someone, you find the time.

12. “I Don’t Care What Others Think of Me”

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I think that everyone at some point in their life has said, “I don’t care what people think of me.” But I think it is impossible not to care. It may not prohibit you from carrying on and being yourself, but you care. No one likes it when someone doesn’t like them or talks trash on their name.

13. “You’re Not Fat”

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As a fat woman, yeah, yeah, I do look fat. I have mirrors in my home. Many bigger people find it insulting when people dismiss their weight by saying, “You’re not fat” or “You don’t look fat.” It makes some people judge you as dishonest about other things when you try to dismiss our fat truth.

14. “I Don’t Lie”

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Yeah, yeah, you do. We all have told lies and will continue to tell them, whether big or small. I think many of us lie to ourselves the most, and this proclamation would be an example of that.

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