15 Pleasurable Feelings Men Ranked as the Best in the World

Are you searching for the best ways to make the man in your life feel pleasure? Then, we got you covered. Someone recently polled an online men’s forum, “What are the most pleasurable feelings in the world?” Here is how they responded.

1. When a Woman Runs Her Hands Through Your Beard

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Numerous men claim that having a woman’s hand in their beard is one of the greatest feelings alive. One clarifies, “When she runs her finger through my beard, I dunno, just something satisfying about it.”

2. When You Feel Appreciated

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Men in the forum say feeling appreciated is the best feeling regardless of whether it is in your personal or professional life. Being acknowledged for the good you do, the ways you help, and making a difference is always a welcomed feeling.

3. When You Solve a Problem

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the solution to a problem you’ve been bothered by for ages? You’re not alone; one man suggests it’s the most incredible feeling. Another member volunteered that he figured out his experiment problem this way, and it helped him complete his thesis.

4. When You Have Your Head Scratched

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Men in this forum love to have their heads scratched by people they love and care about while working on something or laying it in her lap. One suggests it’s divine and gives it “bonus points” if he’s upset about something. My husband loves it too. I swear he pretends to be asleep longer than he is to keep me scratching.

5. When You Are Being Romantically Loved

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A common theme in the thread is being loved sincerely, honestly, and romantically. One elaborates on longing to feel worthwhile with someone seeing your flaws and loving you completely. A father notes that your child’s love for you is pretty awesome too.

6. When Getting Into a Comfy Bed

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Getting into a comfortable bed after a long day is one of the most pleasurable feelings in life. A 1500 thread count lover suggests fresh, clean linens add to the experience. “Any version of going to bed with the peace of mind of no obligations the next day.”

7. When You Have s Few More Hours To Sleep

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How often have you awakened, dreading that it was already time to get up for work, but after viewing a clock, realize you have a few more hours to sleep? It’s one of the greatest feelings on earth.

8. When You Experience a Belly Laugh With Friends

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“A good old-fashioned, clean, innocent, belly laugh with select others.” This man explains having a moment like this recently. He and his cousin were playing a game and ended up on the floor, “struggling to breathe with laughter.” Finally, he notes it is one of the most pleasurable feelings ever.

9. When You Receive a First Kiss From a Crush

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Countless men in the forum express that being kissed unexpectedly, for the first time, from a crush is the most incredible feeling on earth. One confesses that it recently happened to them and stated, “I’m over the moon.”

10. When You Spoon and Cuddle With Your Significant Other

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Awe. One man shares that he and his wife make it a point to do this a little every night (at minimum) and genuinely enjoy it. He expresses cuddling deflates a lot of feelings that weren’t important-” stress from the day, a stupid tiff we had, and concerns about the next day.”

11. When You Make It To The Bathroom In Time

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“Making it to the toilet when you were stuck in heavy traffic and were coming to terms with your pending fate.” Haha. I’m laughing, but it’s so relatable. That scene in Two Weeks Notice when Sandra Bullock runs through New York traffic and uses a stranger’s RV bathroom immediately comes to mind. 

12. When You Are Surrounded By Your Animals

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Numerous men admit that sitting in their homes, with their animals around them, watching a good movie, and realizing they don’t need more is the most pleasurable feeling and necessity. “Everything else is a want.”

13. When Sleeping With Your Baby on Your Chest

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A father clarifies that sleeping with his baby on his chest is the most incredible feeling in the world. A second dad agrees, adding, “Except a few times when my wife would take the baby and put it into the crib. And I wake up in a panic expecting the baby to be on the floor.”

14. When Feeling That Initial Spark

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Finally, many men discuss the initial sparks in the honeymoon stage of a relationship being “one of the most exciting and beautiful feelings in life.” While that’s true, another argues that being awakened by your wife in the middle of the night because she “loves you and it couldn’t wait until morning” is pretty spectacular too.

15. When You Are In The Company of a Beautiful Woman

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Finally, countless men express that a beautiful woman’s company is one of life’s more pleasurable feelings. What would you add to this list?

Source: Reddit.

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