12 Things That Are No Longer Worth It Because of How Expensive They’ve Become

What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become? I’ll go first. EVERYTHING! Ugh. At least, it feels that way. Every time I go to the grocery store, I twinge at checkout. But wait. There’s more.

1. Fast Food

expensive fast food
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It’s not that fast food is the best food on the planet, or good for you, or any of that. But the fact that most McDonald’s combo meals are pennies under $10, and I can get a plate of delicious Mexican food at a sit-down restaurant for roughly the same price is insanity. And totally — not worth it.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb app
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Market saturation has made Airbnb no longer the better choice. Once you tack on the add-on fees, you may as well stay in a nice hotel that doesn’t give you a list of rules to boot. Why wouldn’t you trade doing dishes and washing the linens for a complimentary continental breakfast, pool, and jacuzzi?

3. Cable Television

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Cable television hasn’t been worth it for decades but remains in business. Between the ridiculous game that they force you to play where you call to cancel, and they extend or offer a better deal to the non-stop loop of commercials, I can’t stand it. Or, in the words of “Men on Films” from In Living Color, “Hated it!”

4. Streaming Services

TV advertisements
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There was a time when streaming was a significantly cheaper option, but that’s not the case today. From having to pay more to avoid advertisements to service increases, it’s not worth it. Add to that how many streaming services there are, and you’re paying the same. Rotating through them is better than obtaining them all at once.

5. Hair Services

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Haircuts and color services continue to rise to ridiculous prices that aren’t worth it. Women’s haircuts cost significantly more, but even men’s basic cuts are outrageous. A basic haircut starts at $26 where I live. Before tip, of course.

6. Nail Services

nail salon getting nails done
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Similarly, getting nails done is an expense that isn’t worth it. My teenager is obsessed with having her nails done. It’s difficult and something I don’t understand. Nonetheless, I took her, and it was $70 before any extras they try to tack on at the end with designs and rhinestones! And don’t forget the tip! Who is out here doing this every 2-3 weeks? I love getting pedicures, but it’s too much.

7. Starbucks

woman smiling holding Starbucks coffee
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I’m a Seattle-born Starbucks-loving woman, but good Lord. It’s upwards of $10 a drink when you add milk alternative and tax. My husband and I bought an espresso machine for less than $200. It’s a game-changer, and I highly encourage anyone with a significant coffee habit and expense to opt for that alternative.

8. Food Delivery

Uber Eats dinner
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Every time I use a food delivery service app, I am disappointed in the cost, the food, and myself for choosing convenience over better financial and health decisions. Deleting them from your phone is the quickest way to reduce the urge.

The fact that they charge more for items through the app before tacking on service and delivery fees is infuriating. Then, you have to tip the driver. I’ll go on record now to say if you use these services and don’t tip your drivers, you suck.

9. Movie Theaters

crowd in theater watching movies
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Admittedly, there are some films that are amazing theatrical experiences. However, between the ticket and two people’s concession costs, you could own the movie and have dinner at some terrible chain restaurant like Applebees! The pandemic opening streaming services up for early premieres destroyed my desire to go to the film when I could make nachos and sit on my couch at home.

10. Soda

thumbs down no soda bad for you
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The fact that grocery stores are selling 12-packs of soda for $9.99 is ridiculous. They rotate between Coke and Pepsi products. One goes “on-sale” for what it was before the pandemic, while the other stays at that absurd amount.

Forget about 20 oz. Sodas. They cost more than a 2-liter! Make that make sense. It’s terrible for you anyway, but that’s not the point. Getting sodas at a restaurant costs $3.99. It’s entirely out of hand and not.

11. Thrifting

thrifting thrift store
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Good luck “poppin’ tags” with that $20 in your pocket today. People caught on. So thrift stores have become overrun with ridiculous markups and people looking for things to resell for more money. I have legitimately seen a brand new shirt that had a price tag from the retailer of $5. Value Village had it marked for $8.99. They forgot to remove the original.

12. Live Entertainment

expensive concert tickets
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Have you gone to a concert or football game recently? Ugh. You’ll sometimes pay almost double the ticket between the taxes and extra fees. It is ridiculous.

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