15 Simple Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

Are you seeking secrets to keeping a clean house because of the anxiety and chaos of the clutter and mess building up around you? I’ve been there, and it’s no fun. Having excessive clutter can also influence depression. So it’s essential for your mental health needs to eliminate that stress. While researching methods to gain control of my home, I discovered and implemented several secrets to keeping a house clean.

Additionally, I found a couple of secrets to keeping a clean house through trial and error. So I’m here to share them with other parents who may be struggling with anxiety or remaining consistent with their household chores.

1. Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning

Bedmaking secrets to keeping a clean house are most significant because they set the tone for your entire day. Everyone loves a freshly made bed. So make your bed first thing in the morning for a clean home. It’s a simple task that controls your day, sets the mood for success, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Making your bed polishes the appearance of your bedroom and may encourage additional tidying up throughout the area.

So, did you know that making your bed can change your life? It takes two minutes to start with a fresh slate every morning. Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an external force.” So get up and get into motion to experience a more productive morning.

2. Wake up to a Clean Kitchen

One of the best feelings in the world is waking up to a clean kitchen. It builds on the bedmaking and is an excellent start to your day. So make it a habit to clean up the kitchen before bedtime and don’t leave things for the next day. Start by loading the dishwasher and washing out the sink. Then, wipe the countertops, stove, and table with hot, soapy water. Sweeping the floor every night eliminates disgusting buildup. So do a quick sweep. Also, it makes mopping duties less dramatic.

3. Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning

One of my biggest secrets to keeping a clean house is unloading your dishwasher in the morning. Unloading the dishwasher in the morning allows time to rinse and load dishes after use. In addition, this practice keeps the sink and counters clear, creating healthy cleaning habits. Finally, it makes the after-dinner clean up much easier the following day. Getting the kids involved with laundry creates family time while getting the house clean.


4. Complete a Load of Laundry Every Day

What does completing a load of laundry every day mean to you? If you answered, a headache, I like you, and let’s be friends. But, seriously, laundry doesn’t deserve an entire day. Commit to doing one load daily to prevent it from piling up and consuming your off days. The hardest part is folding it and putting it away. Don’t procrastinate. Focus your energy on putting the laundry back in its desired place once you remove it from your dryer.

One load takes five-to-ten minutes to fold and put away versus dedicating an entire day to laundry, which often leads to an unfolded pile somewhere. Additionally, folding laundry right away eliminates a lot of unnecessary wrinkles. That would otherwise create more work for you later.

5. Clean up After Yourself as You Go

One of the most effortless secrets to keeping a clean house is picking up your mess whenever you leave a room. Then, when you get up, quickly survey the area for anything that belongs in the room that you’re going to and take it with you. That practice is impeccable at keeping clutter away. So, a good rule is never to walk into another room empty-handed.

6. Clean up While You Cook

Don’t let that mess build up behind you while you’re cooking; clean as you go instead. Before you prepare your meal, be sure the dishwasher’s empty. Then, as you prepare your ingredients, rinse measuring cups, spoons, and mixing bowls and load them into the dishwasher. Unless you handwash them, stack them on the counter until you can wash them.

Additionally, wash out cans and jars and recycle them immediately. Break down boxes and add them to the bin, as well. Don’t let them stack up on the counter. Set timers while you cook so that you can clean while keeping dinner cooking within reach.

7. Use Non-Toxic Cleaners for Your Family’s Health

My number one of these secrets to keeping a clean house is using non-toxic cleaning supplies. Find cleaning products that are eco-friendly alternatives. to the typical disease-causing toxins found under the sink. My number one of these secrets to keeping a clean house is using non-toxic cleaning supplies instead of the typical disease-causing toxins found under the sink. The harsh chemicals and toxins exacerbate chronic respiratory conditions and allergies and cause headaches.

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8. Delegate Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

Stop doing all the work yourself. Instead, delegate age-appropriate chores and responsibilities to family members and get the kids involved. Housework evolves into your children’s responsibility later in life. So giving them a routine of essential life skills will set them up for lifetime success. Also, it makes your life easier.

9. Wipe Down as You Go

Reduce your family’s paper waste with reusable paper towels. Keep reusable organic cotton towels handy in the bathroom and kitchen for easy cleanup. For example, wipe toothpaste splatter and other filth from your faucets and vanities after brushing your teeth daily. Please don’t wait for it to become a dry and crusty chore. Do you realize that if you wipe things like faucets and countertops every day, you will never need to scrub again? I’m a huge fan of less work.

In addition, there is a humble sense of pride in caring for everything that makes up our home and a greater understanding of relief when it stays tidy. It keeps your home smelling clean and fresh. Also, you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your home if someone drops by unannounced.


10. Dealing With Mail and Paper Clutter

Who else dreads checking their mail these days? Most of the time, my box is full of junk I toss immediately into the outside recyclable bin. So stop bringing it into the house. Check your mail when you’re ready to deal with it. Or, designate a mail spot and schedule a time to open, sort, shred, and recycle the papers. This makes for an organized home. It’s important to shred doctor bills, bank statements, and any other mail containing vital information before recycling it.

Keep your shredder by the mail space to ensure proper disposal. Have your kids put their permission slips and school papers in this spot. It’s much easier to deal with all the documents in your home at once. Not allowing piles of paper and newspaper to clutter your spaces is crucial for managing your anxiety. Make your life easier with a clean home.

11. Cleaning Schedule Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

Create and keep a cleaning schedule that works around your schedule. By practicing the tips mentioned above, you’re already halfway there. Fill in the gaps with additional chores in your home and keep things simple. Such as the living room daily maintenance and bathroom upkeep. Also, plan deep cleaning projects out weekly and monthly to maintain clean houses.

12. Cleanups in 15-Minutes

Set a timer and get up and clean for 15-minutes. Nobody wants to spend all day cleaning. Do you realize how much you can accomplish cleaning for 15-minutes at a time? Sometimes breaking your cleaning down into 15-minute cleanups for each room can be a huge help. After you’ve completed 15-minutes, take a time-out. Or, return to your previous activity. Then, in an hour, get up, set a timer, and tackle another room.

This method is helpful for mental health days. Or lazy days spent binge-watching Netflix. Trust me; you feel better about binging when some productivity is involved too. Alternatively, you can clean in intervals of 30 minutes to maintain cleanliness. Bonus tip – always clean top to bottom.

13. Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Keep things tidy by rewarding yourself for an organized. What does that reward look like for you? Whatever it is, use it to motivate you to implement these secrets to keeping a clean house. Ideas for rewarding yourself include spa days, massages, a new pair of shoes, or taking time to read a book. You get to define the terms of your reward system for a job well done.

14. Love Your Cleaning Tools

In addition to loving your cleaners, invest in cleaning tools that bring joy and simplicity to your cleaning routine. Using cleaning tools to do difficult jobs makes cleaning less of a chore. Don’t settle for cheap vacuums and dirty sponges. When you love and appreciate what you’re cleaning, it makes cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to a messy house.

15. Donating or Selling Secrets to Keeping a Clean House

Donate the mess and be rid of the stress! You can’t hold onto every item. How much stuff do you have cluttering the home that you never use and don’t need? I bet it’s more than you realize. One of my immediate thoughts is the mountains of toys my children receive over the holidays. How many do they use for play? Clear out your drawers, closets, and cupboards. Rid your pantry and garage of unused items and excess. All of that clutter harms mental health. So, living clutter-free helps manage stress and reduces anxiety. Eliminating clutter is a quick way to get a house clean.

Secrets to Keeping a Clean House Summary

The best way to avoid anxiety with cleaning is to create little habits that keep a clean home. Maintain cleanliness by following a cleaning schedule for structure and accountability. Use non-toxic cleaners and wipe down as you go and put away clutter. Also, don’t exhaust yourself doing it all—delegate responsibilities to other family members. Keep things simple.

Do you have any other secrets to keeping a clean house? Please add them to the comments below. Also, would you bless me with a social share if you found this information helpful? Thanks. Those genuinely make my day. 

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  1. This is totally me! I am NOT a fan of cleaning. Decluttering, no problem. But cleaning, I just don’t see the point. LOL! I love the “do as you go” tips especially while cooking! I need to try that this week for sure!

  2. I struggle with my home not being clean enough and it trigger my anxiety. I agree with your tips! I love making my bed in the morning and having a clean sink!

  3. These are great tips for keeping a clean house. I wouldn’t say I have anxiety, but I *do* find that my day feels much more frustrating when my surroundings aren’t clean and orderly (which is challenging when you’re raising a bunch of boys). I could not agree more about starting with a clean kitchen. Ours is at the center of our home, so it really makes all the difference!

  4. Such great tips for keeping the house clean. I love to make my bed first thing in the morning and keeping the kitchen clean. Laundry is what gets to me. Never get to it on time.

  5. My Alphabetical Schedule:
    1st day of the month – Appliances
    2nd – Bathroom
    3rd – Cabinets/counters/
    4th – Den
    6th – Floors
    7th – Guest Bedroom
    8th – Hallway
    9th – Interior Walls
    11th – Kitchen
    12th – Living Room
    13th – Main Bedroom
    14th – North Yard (the back yard, but ‘B’ is already taken)
    15th – Outside Walls
    16th – Porch/sidewalk
    18th – Refrigerator
    19th – Screened Porch
    20th – Trim
    21st – Under stuff (couches, beds,etc)
    22nd – Vehicle
    23rd – Windows
    25th – Yard (the front)

    5th – Extra Effort Day (for those things needing it or that one project that’s just grinding on you)
    10th, 17th, 24th, 26th, (& 27th) are catch-up days so you get one day off each week; also had trouble with ‘J’, ‘Q’, & ‘Z’.
    29th, 30th, & 31st don’t happen every month so still working on those; looks like one will be for Tech Stuff, one for Other Storage (like Closets).
    Totally ignoring the 28th for now.

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